‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Spot Major Continuity Errors in Season 5 Dinner Scene

by Taylor Cunningham

With Blue Bloods heading into its 13th season, there’s no doubt that the filming crew has missed a few mistakes that made it to TV. But that doesn’t mean that fans are more understanding about it. And they proved that by calling out the series for a simple dinner scene blooper from all the way back in season 5.

The episode in question is titled Power to the Press. The plot found Frank Reagan in the hot seat when one of his officers got into an altercation with a civilian and the dash cam malfunctioned—leaving people to doubt the officer’s story.

Both the press and the public demanded that Frank release a statement on the matter immediately. But the commissioner was hesitant to do so before he had all the facts.

And as always he decided to discuss his dilemma with his family during their weekly dinner. But as he was deliberating his options, fans couldn’t help but notice that something was amiss.

“During the family dinner, while everyone discusses the use of body cameras Frank is wearing his eyeglasses,” reads a movie mistakes forum. “But in the shots facing Linda during the conversation Frank’s eyeglasses are gone.”

The minute mistake was probably due to the cameras shooting multiple times and the directors mashing the perfect cuts together. And because filming and editing take a lot of time and money, the series just had to go with it and hope people didn’t notice.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Dinner Scenes Take 8 Hours to Film

As Frank’s Tom Selleck explained on The Kelly Clarkson Show, those much-loved dinner scenes are beyond laborious. While they only make up a small portion of each episode, they take an entire day’s worth of work to film.

“We do real dinners for about eight hours,” he laughed while adding that the “food gets a little cold.”

“In film work you kind of repeat what you do as the camera moves around,” he added.

Luckily, the actors enjoy shooting around the table because it brings all of them together at once, which is something they don’t do the rest of the week.

“We all catch up, Donnie, and Bridgette, Will, and Len, and everybody,” he noted. “About every eight days We see each other,”

But with all that fun and painstaking work, a few filming blunders are bound to happen. So fans can deal with a few strange cuts every now and then. And considering how much love the actors put into the scenes, we think most of us can forgive the mistakes.

“We have a good time,” Selleck added. “And it shows, I think.”