‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Think This Character Is Too ‘Pro-Cop’

by Taylor Cunningham

Some Blue Bloods fans are becoming worn down by Sid Gormley’s hard-core “pro-cop” stance. And they’re airing their grievances on social media.

Sid has been with the series since season 1 and remains a staple to this day. The character is a former sergeant from the 54th who moved on to be Frank Reagan’s right-hand man, aka the Special Assistant to the Commissioner.

When Blue Bloods opened, Sid was a fan-favorite detective who almost always put his brothers and sisters in blue first. But, as time moved on, he became jaded against society and protected his fellow officers perhaps too much. No matter what happened, Sid always sided with the badge.

When fans began to notice that, they started to grow tired of the character. And last season, it got so bad that a Redditor named u/TheFantasticXman1 took to the internet to complain about the personality change. And judging by the dozens of responses, it’s apparent that he’s not alone in his thoughts.

“I used to like Sid,” he wrote. “But he’s always gotten on my nerves with his [unabashedly] pro-cop stance. He always supports cops no matter what and whilst that’s not inherently a bad thing, he goes too far with it sometimes.”

For example, the Redditor brought up the situations where Sid “supported a cop assaulting another cop just because said cop had an opinion he didn’t agree with” and “pressured Jamie to overlook Coolidge’s illegal activities.”

“Sid is the literal embodiment of what people dislike about cops- covering up for your fellow officers when they do illegal (or just downright bad) things and supporting them even when you know they’re wrong, and then he wonders why people hate the police,” they added.

Redditors Agree that the ‘Blue Bloods’ Character has Taken a Turn for the Worse

Generally, fans agree with the user’s post. They said that they too loved Sid, but noticed that the writers are making him “more staunchly pro-cop” as of lately.

“Sid comes off as more like a caricature of the stereotypical poster on Thee Rant (an infamous message board populated mainly by retired NYPD officers),” someone added.

But some fans believe that the show is intentionally making Sid seem over the top for the sake of the plot. As another user added, “I think they are trying to create a parallel with Frank and Jamie and how they line up morally and ethically sometimes to potentially signal Jamie becoming the next Reagan PC.”

And most people agreed with that sentiment. But what even more people noticed is that the show is trying to make the storylines more realistic, which means there have to be characters that we don’t like.

“The show is well rounded and shows a lot of different viewpoints and [perspectives],” u/Tel864 noted. “That’s what makes this show so good. It’s never a straight line between good and bad, cops or criminals.”