‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Want More of This Supporting Character

by Megan Molseed

The wildly popular CBS police procedural TV series Blue Bloods is well-known for its long list of memorable characters. Of course, the series centers around one specific family, the Reagans. Each member of this Blue Bloods family holds a position in New York City law enforcement. However, working with the members of the Reagan family are many well-liked supporting players. Many of whom are often coming in and out of the episodes throughout the show’s successful 12-season run.

Some of these supporting players make an appearance here and there. Never really developing a rapport with the major Blue Bloods players. Still others, however, make an impact almost immediately, drawing their own fan base among the Blue Bloods watchers. And recently, fans of the CBS series have spoken up, calling for one of these supporting characters to get some more screentime in future episodes.

Which Blue Bloods Side Character Are Fans Hoping To See More Of As The Series Continues?

In a recent Reddit post, one Blue Bloods fan posed the question: “Which side character should get more screen time?”

The user then added a poll to the post which included some popular side characters including Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk), Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa), Rachel Witten (Lauren Marie Patten), Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy), and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara). Blue Bloods fans were quick to respond to this inquiry. And the clear winner works closely with Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan, Abigail Hawk’s Abigail Baker.

Fans of the hit CBS TV series Blue Bloods hope to see more Abigail Baker as the series continues. Photo: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Highest quality screengrab available.

Frank Reagan not only serves as the Reagan family patriarch, but he is also the New York City Police Commissioner in the series. And Hawk’s character, Abigail Baker works closely with Reagan as the commissioner’s primary aide. And, she scored the most votes in this Reddit poll.

The Reddit fans were clear on their selection regarding which Blue Bloods supporting character they hope to see more of in future seasons. Of the total votes (184) cast in this impromptu poll, Baker received nearly half with 81 total votes. In fact, her total was more than two other options combined with Abetemarco receiving 38 votes and Baez finishing with 34 total votes. Additionally, Sid Gormley came in fourth with 13 total votes. Rachel Witten was given 12 votes by Redditors.