‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Want To See More of This Character in Season 13

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods fans know well that things are rarely easy for the Reagan family. Each character portraying a member of the Blue Bloods brood in the popular television series holds a position within New York City law enforcement.

The family patriarch, Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan serves as the New York City Police Commissioner; and Frank’s only daughter, Erin Reagan, who is portrayed by Bridget Moynahan portrays the city’s Assistant District Attorney.

Additionally, Frank’s two living sons Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan and Will Estes’s Jamie Reagan portray officers of the law in the popular series. Danny is a New York City detective, and Jamie serves as a sergeant for the New York City police force.

However, there is one Reagan family member we have only met through conversations about the character. This character? Frank Reagan’s oldest son, Joe Reagan, who was murdered on the job.

This is a devastating moment that takes place before the first season of the hit CBS police procedural television drama series. However, since then, fans – and the Reagan family – have been surprised to learn that Joe has a son, Joe Hill. And, this character has made a few appearances in the series. Now fans are asking for even more Joe Hill moments in the show’s upcoming seasons.

Blue Bloods Fans Are Hoping To See A Lot More Joe Hill In the Show’s 13th Season

In a recent Reddit thread, Blue Bloods fans discussed a variety of plot points they would like to see addressed in future episodes of the popular television drama series. And, one specific thing most fans want to see is more Joe Hill!

“I want more Joe episodes,” says one Redditor in the post. This commenter notes that they “fell in love with the character the second he walked into Frank’s office.”

Another Blue Bloods fan notes that they could do with seeing less of one character; while giving the extra screentime to Frank Reagan’s oldest grandson.

“Danny should be promoted to chief of detectives with less of a focus on Baez,” the Redditor suggests.

Take her screentime and give it to Joe Hill,” the Blue Bloods watcher adds, also noting that Joe Hill should take on the Reagan moniker. This fan thinks the newest Blue Bloods character should “officially (change) his name to Joe Regan II.”

“More Joe Hill,” another Blue Bloods fan writes.

“No Nicki. New partner for Danny,” the Redditor adds.

“Frank retires,” the commenter adds. “Erin becomes DA.”