‘Blue Bloods’: Fans Wish the Reagans Would Give Jack a Break

by Joe Rutland

Blue Bloods fans are some of the most hardcore ones you will find in the world of TV watching and they’re ticked. What in the world do they want? It’s time to give Jack Boyle, played by Peter Hermann, a dad-gum break. They are tired of the rather pompous attitude family members hold against the ex of Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. In essence, some of these fans are saying “nobody’s perfect” when it comes to relationships. Especially the one between Jack and Erin and Jack and his daughter Nicky, played by Sami Gayle.

A thread on Reddit gives space so that these fans can speak their minds. One wrote, “It’s not just that he hasn’t been there for Nicki her entire life. Erin has been raising Nicki by herself. When Linda went back to work and she asked Erin if Jack minded, she told her that he grew more independent and was practically out the door. What normal family wouldn’t hold a grudge.”

Maybe It’s Time For Jack Boyle to Return on ‘Blue Bloods’

This Redditor points toward the rather bigger-than-everyone-else attitudes some of these Reagans show off at times. “Its very realistic tho because some families never seem to let something like that go, even though the situation happened years before,” the fan wrote.

The person also pointed out that Jack and Erin have been divorced for a bit on Blue Bloods. Family members seem to like jumping on Jack for minor things at times, too. “If the guy wore mismatched socks, they’d say that’s why he was a terrible choice for Erin,” the Redditor wrote. “The Reagans need to realize that none of them is really a great human being. People have to die to escape their criticism.”

Well, with all of this heat on Jack, maybe it’s time to bring him back. Erin is going to be in the crosshairs of a major storyline for Season 13. After spending a lot of time as the Assistant District Attorney, she’s looking to move on up. Erin is running for the Manhattan District Attorney job. Will she get it? We don’t know. That’s why there is a season-long election that is waiting for the show’s fans. While it’s time to have Jack come on back, we think it would be cool to have Gayle make a new appearance. She’s been absent for some time and the show could use some Nicky energy on there. Stars like Donnie Wahlberg have been seen flashing those T-shirts in support of an Erin Reagan run. Blue Bloods comes on back on October 7 and we will be watching to see what happens. Catch the show on Friday nights on CBS.