‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Wonder If Erin Reagan Could End Up With This Unsuspecting Character

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to a love connection, Blue Bloods fans have their eyes on a potential Erin Reagan-Anthony Abetemarco pairing. Of course, they work closely together with Erin, played by Bridget Moynahan, as the assistant district attorney. Anthony, played by Steve Schirripa, works closely with her. While the characters are somewhat compatible when working in the assistant DA office, could there be something else romantic in the offing? Fans are sharing their opinions fast and furiously.

We look at this possibility through the eyes of a thread on Reddit. It started out with the simple question, “Do you think Erin And Anthony will get together?” Our first Blue Bloods fan said, “No. That relationship is the definition of ‘She’s out of his league’. Good guy, but he’s not pulling a super model hot lawyer.” This Redditor looks at the two characters together and considers it a sibling relationship. “Anthony is like danny out in the field or when he absolutely needs to do something for himself,” this person wrote. “But is kinda like jamie to her during down time or lunch hours. If anything though they really do care about each other at the end of the day.”

Fan of ‘Blue Bloods’ Holds Out Hope That Erin Will Reconnect With Jack Boyle

This fan offers some dating advice for Erin in this comment. “I hope not,” this person wrote. “They definitely have a brother-sister vibe. I hope Erin gets back together with Jack.” That’s a reference to Jack Boyle, played by Peter Hermann. What we do know about Season 13 is that we can expect a Jack Boyle appearance. In what context it will be, though, we do not know at this time. Heck, all we know about the Season 13 season premiere is the episode titled “Keeping the Faith.” Meanwhile, eagle-eyed TV fans know that Hermann also shows up on Law & Order: SVU at times. Hey, his real-life wife Mariska Hargitay stars on there as Olivia Benson.

A Redditor is firmly on the negative side about having Erin and Anthony get together. “They’re like brother and sister, IMO,” the fan said. “Not every close relationship needs to be romantic.” Another fan said, “No that’s ridiculous.” Yet this coming season will have an Erin Reagan storyline for the books.

She’s running for the Manhattan District Attorney position and it’ll probably allow more interaction between Reagan and Abetemarco. There’s already been some public acknowledgment that this storyline will be moving forward. We’ve seen Moynahan along with fellow co-star Donnie Wahlberg holding up T-shirts related to the campaign. So, we will have to wait and see how all of this pans out. But it will be cool to see if Erin actually wins for a new role.