‘Blue Bloods’ Gets Fans Ready For Season 13 With Clip Of Bridget Moynahan, Steve Schirripa

by Joe Rutland

Watching Bridget Moynahan and Steve Schirripa work together is a real treat for Blue Bloods fans and this clip seals the deal. While we usually see Erin Reagan, Moynahan’s character, as tough and focused, we see a different side of her here. Sure, when you watch this clip provided by CBS and the show’s Instagram account, it looks like serious times ahead.

After all, Erin takes her work as Assistant District Attorney very seriously. Meh, not so much this time. You can attest to the fact that Erin and Anthony Abetemarco, played by Schrippa, get down to some serious joking around. And this comes after Erin says that she doesn’t have time for them. Sure, Erin. Sure. Well, enjoy this clip from what we believe will be in the Season 13 opening episode titled Keeping the Faith.

‘Blue Bloods’ Keeps Its Focus On Erim Reagan This Season

Did you catch that back-and-forth between those two? It’s definitely going to be getting a bit chillier as the season goes along. After all, Erin is going to be running for the Manhattan District Attorney job. Election season is upon us, Blue Bloods fans. In the opening episode, though, Erin receives a visit from her ex, Jack Boyle, played by Peter Hermann.

According to the synopsis for this episode, Erin will get a surprising offer from Jack. It’s about her election. What will this offer be? It would be cool to know that ahead of time but we are going to have to wait and see on Friday, October 7. Anytime Jack shows up, it provides a pretty interesting dynamic.

The Reagan family isn’t really too friendly toward Jack as a whole. But this situation will simply involve Erin and Jack. And while we are at it, this season is so Erin-centric that it might be good to bring back Sami Gayle. It’s like she has fallen off the edge of the Earth with her less-frequent appearances. For her part, Gayle does keep fans informed through her Instagram account about her life. But it’s time, we believe, for her to visit her mother.

Mom could use all of the support that she can find right now. Gayle plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle on the show and does a wonderful job with the role. A few seasons ago, Nicky managed to get on stage with Pop, better known as Henry Reagan, and do a number. If you know anything about Len Cariou, who plays Henry, then you know that he’s a Broadway star. So, it was not much of a stretch for him to sing a song with Gayle on Blue Bloods. Keep your eyes open and see if she shows up. Anthony will be along for the ride, too.