‘Blue Bloods’: How Exclusive Are Reagan Family Dinners?

by Joe Rutland

If there is one scene pretty much all Blue Bloods fans look forward to each episode, then it’s the family dinner one. Pretty much in every episode, you can see the Reagan family gather around the table at Frank’s house. It is a time where they can either cut up and laugh or bring up serious subjects. There’s no doubt, though, that Blue Bloods does get a boost from them. Well, you do see pretty much family members there with an occasional guest. Are these Reagan family dinners exclusive for family only, though?

A thread on Reddit discusses this matter. One fan writes, “I never see anyone outside the Regan [spl Reagan] family at dinner and if it is it’s only special occasions (Baez, Jack, Antony) but for example none of Nicky’s boyfriends have join [spl joined] or her friends. Is the dinner table literally ONLY for family? Is that a rule?” That’s a good question and longtime fans chime in with some answers. A Redditor replies, “I feel like Baez [played Marisa Ramirez] was only invited bc Danny knew that she was right when she said that he takes his loving family for granted bc it’s not something that she ever had and he wanted her to feel included especially after being pushed down a flight of stairs lol.”

Fan of ‘Blue Bloods’ Doubts That Reagans Have ‘Rule’ Against Guests

Another Blue Bloods fan says, “It is a family dinner so family it is”. Wait, though. This Redditor writes, “Guests have appeared there, so: no.” So, there might be a conflict of thoughts about this here. But the fact remains that the dinners are not totally mutually exclusive to family members. Heck, Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan, manages to get Anthony Abetemarco, played by Steve Schirripa, there for dinner one night.

This fan adds a unique twist on the family dinner subject. “I mean, I doubt that the Reagans have any ‘rule’ against guests,” the Redditor states. “They’re flawed but ultimately very nice people. I think it’s more that they’re very private people who just plan on having family time together.”

Blue Bloods is cranking up filming for Season 13. According to some previous news from the show, these dinner scenes are filmed in the mornings. And no, there’s no booze being drunk at that time. It looks like they are having their fair share around the dinner table. Yet Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Detective Danny Reagan, has let the world know that it’s just iced tea or colored water. They have a full day of filming ahead of themselves so this makes sense. Get ready to have your Friday nights liven up with a new season starting this fall.