‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Shares Adorable Photo With Daughter in New York City

by Megan Molseed

We may still be a few months away from the premiere of Blue Bloods’ 13th season this fall. And, the cast of the series is still working hard to bring us some exciting storylines when the police procedural drama returns to TV in October.

However, series star Marisa Ramirez is having fun with her young daughter in the meantime, hanging out at a Disney Junior event in New York City. And, the star is sharing a sweet memory from the event as she and her daughter are all smiles, posing next to a Spidey and His Amazing Friends balloon during the event.

“Thanks so much @disneyjunior for having us!!!” the Blue Bloods star exclaims in a recent Instagram post.

The adorable post features a photo of Ramirez as she hugs her young daughter in front of a Spidey And His Amazing Friends display. The smiles on their faces make it clear that the mother and daughter had a wonderful time!

“So much fun!!” Ramirez exclaims in her post. The star also notes that their time hanging out with Spidey made them instant fans!

“We will be watching #spideyandhisamazingfriends,” the Blue Bloods star says.

Marisa Ramirez And Blue Bloods Costar Donnie Wahlberg Endorse Erin Reagan For District Attorney

As we prepare to welcome the Blue Bloods crew back to our TV screens later this fall, the cast of the series has been giving us some fun sneak peeks into some significant storylines. Including a big moment for Bridget Moynahan’s character, Erin Reagan as she vies for the position of Manhattan District Attorney. And, even her Blue Bloods costars are supporting this campaign.

In a recent Instagram post, Bridget Moynahan shares a pic of a beaming Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez as they stand behind a royal blue tee sporting the words “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney.”

“Looks like Erin Reagan has another solid endorsement!” Bridget Moynahan exclaims on a recent Twitter post.

As fans of the hit CBS TV series know, Donnie Wahlberg’s Blue Bloods character, New York City Detective Danny Reagan, is the brother of Moynahan’s character, Erin. So, it’s no surprise, really that Danny (or Wahlberg, even) would be supporting Erin Reagan’s bid for DA!

And, Marisa Ramirez’s character, Maria Baez, partner to Danny Reagan would no doubt lend her support as well! After all, the partners get along exceptionally well. This, of course, suggests that their beliefs align quite well…even when it comes to political issues…such as who is running for Manhattan DA.