‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Celebrates Her ‘Best Girlfriend’ Donnie Wahlberg’s Birthday

by Joe Rutland

If you know anything about Blue Bloods, then you have watched the brother-sister type of banter between Marisa Ramirez and Donnie Wahlberg. Well, they are not family on the show but they work together so closely. Ramirez, who plays Detective Maria Baez, headed over to Instagram to wish her “best girlfriend” a happy birthday. Wahlberg, who plays Detective Danny Reagan on the show, turned 53 years old on Wednesday. He didn’t let the day go by without saying thanks to his own fans and showing them a quick look at his abs. Leave it to Wahlberg to playfully show off a little bit on his big day. Still, Ramirez was not going to miss out on this opportunity to say something sweet and kind to her co-star.

In the caption portion, Ramirez wrote, “Happiest of Birthdays to one of the most amazing humans in my life or in his world! I am so lucky to be able to call you my best girlfriend! May this year bring you even more happiness, laughter and love partner!! See you on the set in like five minutes.” Wahlberg replied, “More like, in two minutes! Thanks Marisa. You are the gift that keeps on giving! So thankful to have you in my life and honored to be your best girlfriend!”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Keep Hoping Danny, Baez Might Become An Item

Some romantically-hopeful Blue Bloods fans filled up the comments section with hopes this banter will lead to something. Yeah, they want Danny and Baez to become an item. Well, that’s really not going to happen at this point. What we do know is that Baez is a mother. She adopted a baby last season and we’ll be watching her deal with work and motherhood. Now, do we think that Danny might drop a couple of parenthood tips on her head? Yeah. That might be something Danny will do. He’s been known to share his opinions at times.

Still, the back-and-forth between these two is something to watch. They’ve worked together as a team for a number of seasons. Wahlberg and Ramirez work well together as partners in the New York Police Department. Look for this to continue when Season 13 of Blue Bloods rolls around in October on CBS. It’s become a Friday night staple and draws a lot of viewers due to its storylines and focus on characters. Of course, another point that many fans like is the fact that family is important. They see the Reagans gather for dinner in pretty much every episode. Danny shows up, much like his sister Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. Erin will have her hands full as she’s running for the job of Manhattan Dissticrct Attorney.