‘Blue Bloods’ Producer Drops Possible Hint About Upcoming Episode While ‘Location Scouting’

by Joe Rutland

We have been getting a little news here and there about Season 13 of Blue Bloods but Thursday’s update comes from a good source. Siobhan Byrne O’Connor, who is one of the CBS drama’s producers, was out doing some “location scouting.” Hey, don’t take our word for it. Look at what O’Connor shared with her followers on Instagram. A couple of beautiful blue-sky day photos from New York City. It’s quite a view.

Now, while she’s sharing this with us, it leads us to wonder what scenes will offer up these views? The show is filmed in New York City, so could this be a tease for an upcoming Season 13 episode? Many shows on the TV landscape have used the Big Apple’s buildings as a backdrop. We’ve seen members of the New York Police Department on this show out and about dealing with criminals over the seasons.

She did not share any specific episode details, which is a bummer. Yep, we get it that Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez, will be dealing with motherhood this coming season. What, though, can these pictures mean? We all will have to wait until Blue Bloods comes back to the CBS primetime lineup with new episodes this fall. In the meantime, let’s all enjoy this view that O’Connor offered up on Thursday.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Were Digging These Photos

A couple of O’Connor’s followers were excited about these views. One writes, “Beautiful shot, I can’t wait!” Another one says, “The real star of Blue Bloods”. We will not argue that the skyline of New York City is something to behold. This fan simply says, “Beautiful scenery”. Again, we totally agree. Now, what in the world can we look forward to in the Season 13 premiere episode?

We do know the title and it is “Keeping the Faith.” There is no synopsis out about this one just yet. So, we’re left to wonder what does this mean? O’Connor might know but she’s not talking publicly. Yet she gives her family props back in a 2011 interview with the National Catholic Reporter. “My children and my family are my greatest joy,” O’Connor told the publication at that time. “I have a terrific husband and so I feel like I’ve won some cosmic jackpot.” Anyone who has watched Blue Bloods knows that the Reagans are devout Catholics. Of course, the family element comes into play when watching everyone gather around the family dinner table.

Another storyline that fans can look forward to is seeing Jack Boyle come back. Yep, he’s due to make an appearance. Actor Peter Hermann plays Jack and probably has a few words for his ex-wife Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan.