‘Blue Bloods’: The Reagans Debate a Hot Topic in New Family Dinner Clip

by Leanne Stahulak

An intense conversation struck up at the Reagan family dinner table during last night’s episode of “Blue Bloods” after Jamie (Will Estes) drove under the influence.

He didn’t do so intentionally. Apparently, Jamie went to a party where one of his friends laced his drink with drugs. Jamie didn’t know what was in his system as he was trying to drive home. When he couldn’t see straight, the young Reagan pulled over to the side of the road and called someone to come get him.

As he was pulled over, though, Jamie witnessed an accident as two cars collided. One car burst into flames, and Jamie didn’t think before running out of his car and rescuing the passengers inside. As the cops came to handle the situation, they noticed that Sergeant Jamie Reagan was not in a good condition and reported him for driving under the influence.

Over the course of the episode, Jamie and the rest of the Reagans rallied together to prove that Jamie had nothing to do with causing the accident. Several people accused him of being involved because he was under the influence, but eventually, the Reagans cleared his name. And at the end of the “Blue Bloods” episode, while sitting around the family dinner table, Jamie’s family decided enough time had passed that they could rib him about the whole experience.

The Reagans Joke About Jamie’s Drug Experience in Classic ‘Blue Bloods’ Family Dinner Scene

The official “Blue Bloods” Twitter account shared a two-minute clip of the family dinner scene earlier today. In the clip, when Jamie asks his brother Danny to pass the potatoes, Danny asks if he wants the “baked or fried” potatoes. Danny also calls his little brother “Sergeant Snoop Dog.”

The whole table groans at Danny’s bad pun. They soon turn their attention to him and criticize how not comedic and “juvenile” Danny is.

But Henry Reagan turns the conversation serious when he asks Jamie, “Do the events of the week make you pro-marijuana for cops?” Jamie replied that it never occurred to him to think about it. Henry wonders if some activist might try and use Jamie as a “poster boy” for the pro-marijuana cause.

“I’m for whatever gets anyone through a night as long as it’s legal,” Jamie answers. He also says he can’t be the poster boy because “everything always changes.”

Frank Reagan agrees, reminding everyone how during Prohibition, booze was illegal. But cops didn’t remain dry after the ban was lifted.

“But we are forgetting the most important thing here,” Frank concluded. “Sergeant Reagan, despite his condition at the time, did what great cops do. He took the risk. He ran towards the fire. That’s called courage.”

Check out the full scene below. And don’t miss next week’s “Blue Bloods” episode on Friday, May 6 on CBS.