‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: Danny and Baez Steal the Show in Season 13, Episode 4

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy CBS Broadcasting)

This week’s Blue Bloods episode was filled with its usual assortment of storylines but the main one featured Danny and Baez. As you may know, Donnie Wahlberg plays Detective Danny Reagan while his partner, Detective Maria Baez, is played by Marisa Ramirez. One notable moment from the show had Danny go undercover.

In his disguise, he resembled someone who looked like he was from New Kids on the Block. Of course, that’s not a stretch for Wahlberg to play as he’s part of that group. This episode was titled Life During Wartime. Here’s a quick synopsis for you: “Danny and Baez investigate a series of violent robberies targeting luxury timepieces, and Erin is conflicted about criminally charging a potentially innocent man. Also, Frank is forced to reopen a case in which the officer involved was acquitted, and Jamie interviews a decorated officer to join his Field Intel team.”

Robbery Case Took Center Stage In ‘Blue Bloods’ Episode

Let’s stick with the Danny and Baez action here for a bit. As the episode gets going, they question a man named Alan Josephson, who says two men stole his $900,000 watch. Josephson barks that he’s friends with the mayor’s wife and they better find that watch. Later on, Baez tells Danny that there are a string of robberies that are targeting luxury watches. But Danny comes back and says that no watch is worth that kind of money.

They both spoke to a woman on Blue Bloods. She said that two masked men came out of nowhere and demanded she turns over her watch. While the woman had a gun for protection, she pulled it out but got shot. Now, her watch was worth $200,000. Someone else came up to visit the detectives. Richard Patel was his name and his family owns a newsstand in midtown Manhattan. A couple of guys wearing masks happened to have stolen his watch. But Patel said the watch was just worth $100 and it had sentimental meaning.

Later on, Danny paid a visit to a jewelry store as some of the stolen watches were there. The sales associate said that the most recent robbery had not been reported as of yet. Seizing a moment, Danny goes undercover at the store along with Baez. A couple of guys come in there wearing masks. They want to rob Danny’s watch. But they were not looking too closely at the door. How come? Once they came into the store, that door closed and locked. Now the perpetrators are stuck, they cannot get out, and are eventually nabbed. Blue Bloods airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.