‘Blue Bloods’ Reveals Season 13 Premiere Date: Will It Affect the Number of Episodes?

by Shelby Scott

After less than a two-month wait, CBS revealed its premiere schedule for the 2022-2023 primetime TV lineup. And while Blue Bloods fans are ecstatic to mark the calendar with the police drama’s return date, we, unfortunately, have to wait until October to catch the season 13 debut. As such, we’re wondering, will Blue Bloods‘ late return affect the number of episodes for the season overall?

Well, according to CarterMatt, per CBS, Blue Bloods will return to its normal Friday night timeslot on October 7th. While it’s not especially a far cry from season 12’s premiere date, which took place on October 1st last year, it’s still delayed compared to the NCIS franchise’s return dates of mid-to-late September. Fortunately, however, the outlet believes, at least for now, that Blue Bloods‘ 13th season will still boast the usual 20-22 episodes.

Additionally, CarterMatt highlighted another potential high for Blue Bloods season 13 and its late premiere date. Due to the hit drama’s delayed return, they pointed out that we could likely see fewer hiatuses compared to the previous year. As we expect each year, we can certainly expect a holiday hiatus. However, a shortened schedule promises that mini two and three-week hiatuses will be less likely.

So, now that we know Blue Bloods‘ season 13 premiere date, when can we expect filming to begin? So far, CBS hasn’t shared news regarding the cast’s return to the set. But be sure to check back here for all the latest updates.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Reveal Their Favorite Non-Reagan Character

Blue Bloods is all about the Reagan family and their struggles both as individuals and as enforcers of the law. However, for every fan-favorite Reagan family member, there is one non-Reagan character that has stolen the audience’s hearts. And in a previous Reddit thread, fans revealed just who that non-Reagan character is.

Kicking things off, one Redditor began the discussion by writing, “Who is your favorite character that ISN’T a Reagan?” followed with, “Mine is definitely Anthony!”

If you head to the comments, plenty of Blue Bloods fans agreed. Actor Steve Schirripa’s character Detective Anthony Abetemarco received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, with the second-place winner tied between Blue Bloods alum Jackie Curatola and current star Abigail Hawk’s Detective Abigail Baker.

In response to the Blue Bloods Reddit thread, one fan wrote, “Anthony right now but I loved Jackie.”

Another Jackie Curatola fan commented, “Jackie. I wish she would come back,” followed by a crying emoji.

On the Baker side of the argument, one fan said, “Anthony and Baker are tied for me. I love both of those characters.”

Other fan-favorite non-Reagan characters included Danny Reagan’s partner Maria Baez, Eddie Janko, and Victor Lugo.