‘Blue Bloods’ Reveals Season 13 Premiere Date

by Megan Molseed

We are still a few months away from the 13th season premiere of the popular CBS police procedural TV drama, Blue Bloods. However, today the popular network shares some exciting news as we wait, revealing the fall premiere date of the hit series.

That’s right, the wait may be far from over, but at least we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Earlier today, the CBS Twitter page revealed its fall TV lineup. Including the Friday, October 7 Blue Bloods season 13 premiere.

“Mark your calendars!!” exclaims the tweet on the CBS Studios page.

Additionally, the message lists out a number of other premieres including the Monday, September 19 premiere of NCIS and the NCIS franchise’s most recent spin-off series NCIS: Hawaii. NCIS: Los Angeles will be returning for its new season a little later on Sunday, October 9.

As we head into the next season of Blue Bloods, there are quite a few exciting storylines we can expect to see continue on from last season. After all, the 12th season of the series brought some big changes to some of the Blue Bloods players. And, these stories are far from over as we head into the show’s upcoming season.

In one of these storylines, Blue Bloods detective, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) has been looking to adopt. This, of course, would bring some major changes to the series. Including changes for Baez’s NYPD partner, Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan.

The two NYPD detectives have had a very close bond since pairing up a few seasons ago. There’s little doubt that Danny would support his partner in this major decision. However, becoming a mother is likely to affect Baez’s availability on the job.

Another big change that Blue Bloods fans may be seeing when the series returns in the fall is the career goals of New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) daughter, Erin Reagan.

Erin Reagan is currently serving as the New York City Assistant District Attorney. However, she is now exploring some bigger aspirations and may be vying for a position as the New York City DA.

This would be a big move for the Blue Bloods character. And, it would bring some exciting drama, no doubt, with a cut-throat political race. However, there is also still the chance that Erin Reagan, who is portrayed by Bridget Moynahan, may decide to hold off on this move a little longer.

Waiting until October to find out how these stories – and others – unfold seems like forever. However, the fall-premiere season will be upon us before we know it!