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‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12: Is Jamie Reagan at Risk of Getting Fired?

by Shelby Scott
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Season 12 of “Blue Bloods” has begun to wind down. But fans still have a lot of questions about the fate of their beloved cast. Now, we’re here to take a look at one particular issue: Will Jamie Reagan get fired ahead of the finale?

Will Estes has had a constant presence on “Blue Bloods” since its pilot in 2010. He’s endured plenty of trouble across 12 impressive seasons. However, we’re not so sure the NYPD sergeant will find his way out of this one.

Jamie’s Caught in a DUI in Upcoming ‘Blue Bloods’ Episode

According to CarterMatt, the upcoming episode of “Blue Bloods” puts Jamie in a near-impossible situation. For years, the sergeant has remained a dedicated police officer. He continues to strive for justice and remains dedicated to his family and the people of New York.

However, when the next episode, “Tangled Up in Blue,” airs on Friday, April 29th, “Blue Bloods” fans will watch as Jamie Reagan gets pegged with a DUI. Check out the synopsis below.

“When Erin is stalked by a man who was recently released from prison after serving 12 years, she enlists Anthony and Danny to investigate her office’s role in his sentencing. Also, Jamie works to save his badge when he is caught driving under the influence after he is unknowingly given drugs at a party.”

Whether or not Jamie was unaware of the substance use, the DUI puts his character in mega trouble at work. It also puts those tasked with handling the problem at a moral crossroads. With internal affairs investigating the DUI, we’re wondering whether the upcoming subplot will endure through the season finale, or if we’ll see a conclusion by the episode’s end.

Overall, the next episode of “Blue Bloods” promises a load of suspense and trouble. However, that’s not all.

Simultaneously, “Frank navigates multiple family issues as he deals with a troubling medical diagnosis for Henry, as well as Jamie’s DUI.”

Some ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans are Sick of Jamie and His ‘Moral Righteousness’

There are plenty of Jamie Reagan fans out there, rooting for him to overcome his unintentional DUI. However, others aren’t quite satisfied with the character.

Ahead of the Season 12 finale, “Blue Bloods” fans took to Reddit to air their grievances about Jamie and some of his common attributes.

In a thread titled, “Jamie’s Moral Righteousness Has Hit Next Level,” one “Blue Bloods” fan wrote, “Jaime [sic] is the only character I’ve really consistently hated through the show.”

Hate’s a strong word, but just wait; there’s more. In speaking to the current season, the same Redditor shared his character has “gotten so much worse.

Another “Blue Bloods” fan joined in on the conversation, sharing a piece of advice with the disgruntled Reddit user.

“Keep telling yourself, they’re not real, it’s make-believe and you’ll get through it.”

Meanwhile, a third “Blue Bloods” fan had a harsher response.

“Having only read the title, I am here to say that Jamie represents the moral high ground. Dannie [sic] represents the iffy shady side of things, and Erin [is] the moral compass in the middle.”

The Reddit user continued, “If that still bugs you, then perhaps you shouldn’t watch the show.”

Let’s see what “Blue Bloods” fans think when Jamie faces legal trouble this week.