‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12: Will Danny Regan Have to Rescue Erin From a Dangerous Stalker?

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods” fans were excited to know the hit series officially received confirmation that the police drama was renewed for its 13th season. However, before that, we got a little insight into the remaining season 12 episodes. And among the Reagan family drama, the synopsis for “Tangled Up in Blue” revealed Erin will face a dangerous stalker. And, now, just two days remain until the new episode premieres. Ahead of the “Blue Bloods” episode’s debut, a new photo reveals Erin’s brother Danny Reagan is on a mission to keep his sister safe. Check it out.

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As per an episode synopsis, “Erin is stalked by a man who was recently released from prison after serving 12 years.”

She then “enlists Anthony and Danny to investigate her office’s role in his sentencing.”

The above image shows Erin and Danny as they share a sibling bonding moment. And, interestingly, it’s one of few we actually get to see across 12 seasons of “Blue Bloods.” After all, their varying roles in law enforcement have Erin and Danny pursuing bad guys in different ways.

According to Express, the Reagan siblings seem to be in the office. This indicates Erin would have headed there in order to seek her brother’s help.

The thrilling new episode debuts in just two days following a two-week hiatus, with “Blue Bloods” fans excited to catch up with all the latest Reagan drama.

Erin Isn’t the Only Reagan in Trouble in Upcoming ‘Blue Bloods’ Episodes

The upcoming episode of “Blue Bloods” might spotlight Danny and Erin as she faces danger from a recently released convict. But Erin’s not the only Reagan sibling in trouble.

Ahead of the next episode of “Blue Bloods,” showrunners have also revealed Jamie is at risk of losing his job.

This week’s upcoming episode promises to be exciting as it follows the Danny/Erin plot. But, fans also worry for Jamie Reagan’s future in the NYC police department as the character catches a DUI.

Knowing Jamie, we can safely assume the “Blue Bloods” character would never get in a car while under the influence. That said, the description for “Tangled Up in Blue” reveals Jamie finds himself in trouble when someone spikes his drink.

More specifically, the synopsis reads, “Jamie works to save his badge when he is caught driving under the influence after he is unknowingly given drugs at a party.”

Ahead of the Season 12 finale, we can’t be sure whether “Blue Bloods” writers will continue the DUI storyline. However, given Jamie’s golden track record, it would definitely be interesting to see the story persist across several episodes.

Tune in to CBS on Friday night at 10 p.m. when the next episode of “Blue Bloods” airs.