‘Blue Bloods’: Season 13 Could Feature Major Changes for Erin Reagan

by Alex Falls

Blue Bloods will return for season thirteen on CBS in the fall, and the new season could be the biggest yet for Erin Reagan. The last time we saw her, she made the decision to run for District Attorney, which will undoubtedly open a whole new world of stories for the character.

Even though twelve seasons of TV make a great case that Erin is more than ready to take on the job, fans of the show know that drama will be just right around the corner for her. Perhaps she’ll be accused of nepotism as a member of the Reagan family. Or she might find herself going toe to toe with her father publically.

Erin Reagan is portrayed by Bridget Moynahan on the show. Her role hasn’t just increased on screen, but also behind the scenes. In season 12, she directed her first episode of Blue Bloods. The change in responsibility was a welcome challenge to Moynahan.

“I just loved the experience,” Moynahan said in an interview with The Bare Magazine about directing. “I had a supportive environment, and insight on how the show works, and relationships that were a decade strong. So, it couldn’t have been a better first time out. But I loved being involved and present from the beginning to the end of the day. The hardest part was going back to my regular day job.”

Bright Future Ahead for Moynahan and Blue Bloods

Moynahan has more on her plate than just her Blue Bloods responsibilities. On top of being a name actress on TV, she’s also a champion of advancing women’s roles in Hollywood in general. In her interview with Bare Magazine, Moynahan said she believes the business is becoming more welcoming to women in their 50s.

“I certainly think so,” Moynahan said. “You have lots of actresses still working, people like Robin Wright directing, and Jane Campion just won an Oscar. I think there are opportunities for lead actresses, producers, writers and directors in television and film. And there’s so much television now.”

Moynahan has also co-authored a cookbook, she has an accomplished modeling career, and she’s a diligent mother to her four children. With such a busy schedule, Moynahan makes sure to take the time away from the spotlight to recharge. She marked such an occasion recently on her Twitter page.

The season twelve finale of Blue Bloods was a major ratings success. The show became the eighth highest-rated overall show in the 2021-2022 broadcast season, and the fourth most-watched scripted show for the same period. Moynahan’s co-star, Donnie Wahlberg, celebrated the occasion by thanking the show’s loyal fans on his Instagram.