‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13: Is Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan Finally Going to Find a Significant Other?

by Joe Rutland

One thing that fans of Blue Bloods have been waiting to see is if the Donnie Wahlberg character Danny Reagan will fall in love. Longtime fans know that he lost his wife Linda a few seasons ago. Danny has been focused on being a father as well as a detective for the New York Police Department. Still, is it time for love to knock on his door this coming season?

One thing we know is that Danny hasn’t been too active in the dating department. He does his job and usually goes over to Dad’s house for a late-night dinner. For some, people seeing him not get too into dating might seem like he’s waiting for things to happen. Not enough initiative in the love connection area.

Writers on ‘Blue Bloods’ Have Thought About Having Danny Seeing Baez

Some of the show’s writers have tinkered with ideas. One of them, of course, bends toward having Danny and Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez, become involved. But that’s just been put on the back burner these days it appears. It would look a bit strange to have partners in the field become involved.

What would love look like for Danny? It’s an interesting thing to ponder. Blue Bloods is pretty organized in a procedural drama sort of way. Fans know what to expect from a show structure standpoint. Does it mean that they would not be open to surprises? We’re probably pretty sure that they would welcome them. Getting Danny into a relationship offers him an opportunity to grow in different ways.

Donnie Wahlberg Expects to Make Another Movie With Brother Mark

While we are talking about him, expect Donnie to team up with his brother Mark for another movie. “I think we will do a movie together for sure,” he says to Metro in an interview. “Both of us when we started out acting coming from music, we were both so focused on overcoming the concept that musicians can’t be good actors. So I think he got very focused on trying to break that very stereotype, and I did too.”

So, Wahlberg had to really step it up when filming the first show’s first scene. guess which one it was? Yep, one of those famed Reagan dinner family scenes. It called for him to ramp up the energy because he had to be intense with Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan. Wahlberg had to bring his “A” game at that moment. Being the first scene, the interaction between the two characters would set the tone for that episode and the series. Everything worked out pretty well, didn’t it?