‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13 Premiere Episode Title Revealed

by Shelby Scott

Unfortunately for Blue Bloods fans, the hit series doesn’t return to CBS for another few months. However, there is a bit of good news. Ahead of the July 4th weekend, show writer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor revealed the name of the show’s season 13 premiere. Check out the post below.

“Season 13! Episode 1,” the show writer announced. Following the intense final episode of season 12, Blue Bloods season 13 premiere is entitled “Keeping the Faith.” In addition, CinemaBlend reports the show writer even answered some of the fans’ questions in the comments following the post.

As per the outlet, one Blue Bloods fan thanked the show writer for sharing the season premiere title which also, ironically, highlights the show’s confidentiality notice. In response to their praise, O’Connor said, “It’s a nod to our audience who have done just that for 12 seasons and counting.”

On top of the episode title and its special meaning, the Blue Bloods writer also teased that one major character will make a return this season. As per the outlet, Jack will feature when Blue Bloods returns to TV’s primetime lineup.

One ‘Blue Bloods’ Script Left Series Star Vanessa Ray ‘Weeping’

After more than a decade of Blue Bloods, fans well know that the show’s writers often have a special way of pulling at our heartstrings. However, as we wait for season 13’s premiere, Eddie Janko actress Vanessa Ray revealed one season 10 script left her completely distraught, “weeping” after reading it.

Ray previously sat down with Nerds of Color to talk about her time on the show, having made her first appearance way back in Blue Bloods‘ 4th season. While she’s starred in the procedural crime drama for nearly a full decade, she revealed the episode that caused her emotional breakdown featured a baby left in a bag.

While speaking with the outlet, she said, “There was an episode, I think it was maybe last season or the season before, where I feel like Eddie kind of found a bit of her calling.” This particular episode’s title is “Family Secrets” if you’re hoping to look up that particular scene.

Ray continued, “I don’t know if you remember this episode, but [she and Jamie Reagan] found a baby like in a bag.” Overall, the emotional episode saw the series’ dynamic duo stumble upon an abandoned child on the precinct steps.

“I was reading [the script],” the Blue Bloods actress continued, “and I was weeping. But I feel like she really found her kind of calling in that she … This sounds silly to say but it’s like she helps the defenseless.” Fans might recall that that particular plotline also inspired the onscreen couple to ponder having children of their own.