‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13: Showrunner Reveals Jamie and Eddie’s Fate

by Tia Bailey

Season 13 of “Blue Bloods” is coming this October. The showrunner previewed the season, and shared the fate of a certain relationship.

The show follows the Reagan family, an important family in the law enforcement world in New York. The family navigates crime, family, politics, and more throughout the show.

The last season of “Blue Bloods” left a lot for fans to discuss. Eric Reagan shared her plans to run for District Attorney, saying to her family: “I guess I realized that one of the reasons I wasn’t running was I may be afraid of losing. But I think that if I have your love and support, I’ll be unbeatable.”

However, fans are also focused on the fate of Jamie and Eddie — the married couple who works together, and were told that one of them were going to have to transfer. Showrunner Kevin Wade shared some information about this situation to TV Line.

“It was brought up when Jamie and Eddie (played by Will Estes and Vanessa Ray) got married, that though there is no law on the books, is it is against the rule of custom for spouses to work together in a precinct,” Wade said. “But they have a new commanding officer this season (Stephanie Kurtzuba’s Sgt. McNichols), who as soon as she sees them says, ‘One of you is going to transfer by the end of the day.’”

Below is a spoiler for Season 13 of “Blue Bloods.”

However, Wade shared that neither of the couple will actually have to leave. Sgt. McNichols actually finds a way to help the duo, and it’s through a promotion.

Jamie will take on the job of Field Information Officer of the precinct.

“Blue Bloods” Showrunner Previews Season 13

“That means he’s not in uniform and he’s not at the morning rollout and all that stuff, but it’s a very real job at the NYPD,” Wade said.

His job will be to “‘take the usual perp who is brought in for whatever he’s brought in for’ and assess his potential value as a confidential informant before he’s processed out to the DA” according to Deadline. “If he looks like a likely ‘treasure chest,’ the Field Information Officer sits them down and says, ‘I think we can probably cut you a break on this, depending on what you can give us….’” Wade said.

This news an relieve fans who were worried about this aspect of the upcoming season.

The official Twitter account for “Blue Bloods” shared the season 13 premiere date just over a week ago. They had done so on star Donnie Wahlberg’s birthday. They tweeted: “A gift from us to you in celebration of @DonnieWahlberg’s birthday today! Wish him a happy birthday below and mark your calendars – #BlueBloods returns Friday, October 7 at 10/9c on @cbs!”