‘Blue Bloods’ Showrunner Reveals Major Spoiler About One Character’s Upcoming Promotion

by Joe Rutland

While much attention for Blue Bloods Season 13 has been around Erin Reagan, some should go to Jamie and Eddie. We’re talking about Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes, and Eddie Janko-Reagan, played by Vanessa Ray. As some fans know, they’ve been working together in the same precinct while also being married. That has led to some issues in the office. One of them, though, is going to get a promotion. We get a little news about this from the showrunner of Blue Bloods.

Kevin Wade breaks things down in this TVLine interview. “It was brought up when Jamie and Eddie got married, that though there is no law on the books, it is against the rule of custom for spouses to work together in a precinct,” he said. “But they have a new commanding officer this season (Stephanie Kurtzuba’s Sgt. McNichols), who as soon as she sees them says, ‘One of you is going to transfer by the end of the day.'”

Changes Are Coming For Jamie Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’

But we will find out that McNichols finds another way to solve the situation rather than boot one altogether. What does she do? Well, she will “elevate Jamie to Field Information Officer for that precinct,” Wade said. “That means he’s not in uniform and he’s not at the morning rollout and all that stuff, but it’s a very real job at the NYPD.”

He would elaborate on the Field Information Officer’s job. Wade said that the FIO would usually “take the usual perp who is brought in for whatever he’s brought in for” at that time. Then, the FIO will assess the perp’s possible value as a confidential informant. This is done before being processed out to the District Attorney, Wade said. “If he looks like a likely ‘treasure chest,’ the Field Information Officer sits them down and says, ‘I think we can probably cut you a break on this, depending on what you can give us….'”

Wade added that for Jamie, the FIO job will be “an interesting bit of diplomacy and hard-nosed policing, and a fishing expedition.” He still gets to work in the same precinct as Eddie. That’s a solid solution to a rather sticky problem. Of course, a lot of attention will be paid to Erin, played by Bridget Moynahan. She is running for the Manhattan District Attorney job. This election is a big deal in the Reagan world. It will be interesting to see how everything pans out in Season 13. But attention is now going to be focused on Jamie and Eddie for a bit.