‘Blue Bloods’ Showrunner Reveals Show’s Hopes To Bring Back Sami Gayle’s Nicky Reagan

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy CBS Broadcasting)

While there are a lot of solid characters in Blue Bloods, there’s one that has been missing in action for a period of time. Is it time for Nicky Reagan to return? Sami Gayle plays the daughter of Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. For the first few seasons that the show has been on CBS, Gayle was part of the regular cast. You could see Nicky gathering at the Reagan dinner table. At some point, though, Nicky went off to college and moved to San Francisco. This took the character out of the regular rotation if you will.

We have not had a Nicky update for a period of time. That could change, though, as showrunner Kevin Wade perked up about it recently. “Hopefully she’ll swing by,” Wade told TVLine. “Sometimes characters age out, in the sense that Nicky went off to college and then moved to San Francisco, and I realized, ‘We don’t have the real estate to tell Nicky stories.’ But once it had become long enough, it was almost like, ‘Well, we should bring her back at least for a family dinner, at least to meet Joe Hill.’ We actually were going to do that last season, and I don’t think her schedule matched up with ours.”

It’s Not A Bad Idea To Have Sami Gayle Return On ‘Blue Bloods’

Right now, it would be a prime time to bring the character back. Look, her mother is running for the Manhattan District Attorney job. She needs all the support that she can get. Of course, in Season 13’s Episode 1, we did see Jack Boyle, played by Peter Hermann, offer some help from a friend. Yeah, this friend wanted to make a large contribution to her campaign. Erin balked at first but Jack said he could form a PAC and put that donation right in there. Jack happens to be Nicky’s father, too.

Maybe bring her back and let all of them gather together for dinner or something. Gayle also spent time in college, too. It wasn’t just for the sake of her character. So, with this latest little tidbit from Wade, there’s a chance that Gayle does return. Last season would have been a good time. Yet now that we’re getting into the DA election storyline deeper, we would love to see her come on back. Anything that makes Blue Bloods better is good for us. Of course, the fans probably have longed to see Gayle drop back into the fold, too. What about having her show up as Nicky and meet up with Erin and Jack at a bar? Then there’s the Reagan dinner table, too.