‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Gives Rare Look at Her Family in Sweet New Post

by Joe Rutland

Abigail Hawk of Blue Bloods will share moments from her life, but she’s offering up a rare look at her family in this recent post. Hawk, who plays Abigail Baker, part of Frank Reagan’s “inner circle” of advisers, lets us see her two sons at play. She simply titles the post filled with photos and videos “Sonshine.” It’s probably a play on the visual outdoors looks and her boys.

That’s a sweet collection of looks that Hawk offered up to her fans. By the way, she’s busy back on the show’s set. Yep, Season 13 filming has commenced and it means time for her to get back to work. You better believe that you will see Abigail among the others offering Frank, played by Tom Selleck, advice. Over the seasons, watching Baker and Frank interact has been a treat. There’s a level of respect he feels toward her and vice-versa.

Abigail Hawk of ‘Blue Bloods’ Simply Adores Tom Selleck

One thing that might be fun to see is a real Abigail-centric storyline. Of course, she’s not one of the larger, main characters on Blue Bloods but still plays an integral part. Hey, anyone connected with Frank deserves a little more push than a sideline player sometimes. We think that it would be cool to see this take place. Yet how in the world do you fit that in with all the other Reagan family members? It would be a stretch indeed. But Blue Bloods has a way of making it all fit nicely within an hour’s worth of action.

Meanwhile, there is a deep amount of respect between the actors who play Frank and Abigail. In fact, Hawk once said that she “adores” working with Selleck. “I absolutely adore Tom and I’m exceedingly grateful for him,” Hawk said in an interview with PopCulture. “He has really been a huge champion of mine.” That’s cool to hear. One time, Hawk even talked about how she has been able to have her schedule adjusted.

So, if you didn’t know, then Selleck travels between his home in California and New York City, where the show is filmed. That means that his schedule is adjusted to allow him time with his family. It is important to him. What does that have to do with Hawk? She works when Tom works. Yep, they will adjust her schedule to match when Selleck appears on the set. Right there is a pretty rad way to set things up. New episodes of the CBS police procedural will pop up this fall. Get ready to see what shakes down on Blue Bloods on Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.