‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Posts Touching Photo Tribute to the ‘Bestest Girl’ in the World

by Joe Rutland

Excuse actress Abigail Hawk of Blue Bloods for showing off her best friend here in a selection of photos in a tribute to the “bestest girl.” If you cannot tell, then Hawk, who plays Abigail Baker on the CBS police drama, is showing off her dog. We do not know this pooch’s name or we would give it proper credit. But look at the numerous photos and even a little video snippet in here and you can tell how much Hawk does love her dog.

What were some of her fans saying in the comments section? Let’s take a look. One of them wrote, “Awwww dogs are just pawsome and we, humans, don’t really deserve them!” Another one said, “Lovely photos your dog is a little Angel”. One of the photos that Hawk shared here shows a chewed-up earbud.

Abigail Hawk of ‘Blue Bloods’ Is Busy Filming Season 13 Episodes

That’s not going to work anymore. Yet this fan has a pretty cool idea from this comment. The person wrote, “The cat next door stole your ear pod and did that. It wasn’t me.” See, this fan offered a built-in excuse for the dog to use when pleading her case. That might work just fine with Hawk.

Well, we think that the actress just loves her dog so much that she might let her get away with the chewed-up earbud. This fan had an idea about giving her dog some show business love. They wrote, “get her on an episode of Blue Bloods”. We think that is a great idea. Imagine Baker needing a dog for a while and giving her dog a role. Would it work on Blue Bloods? Yeah, we could see a dog on there. After all, every dog has its day, and why not have Hawk’s pooch on there? Let’s see if there can be some type of connection done on the show.

Meanwhile, we know that Hawk is probably busy filming new Blue Bloods episodes right now. In case you did not know, then Hawk plays Baker, who is part of the “inner circle” of New York Police Department Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck. We know that Hawk is there because she recently posted another photo on her Instagram post. It has the actress holding up a coffee cup and letting people know that Season 13 is being filmed right now. What’s interesting to note about Hawk’s schedule for her work on Blue Bloods is that her schedule lines up with Selleck’s. Yet her work as Baker does not go without credit as Hawk plays the role quite well. Blue Bloods comes back for its next season on October 7 on CBS.