‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Shows Off Wildly Impressive Singing Chops: VIDEO

by Alex Falls

Fans of Blue Bloods know Abigail Hawk can deliver in front of the camera in her role as Detective Abigail Baker. But few probably know just how talented the actress is. She might be hard at work behind the scenes filming the upcoming 13th season of Blue Bloods, but she took a little break from the set and shared another one of her talents with her more than 50,000 followers. Hawk showed off her singing chops in a wonderful performance shot in the quick clip.

Hawk begins her lovely rendition of “She Used to Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles from the hit musical Waitress. She starts by serenading her pet cat who plops down to see the show like the rest of us. Hawk proceeds to blow the minds of her fans with a near-perfect take on the beloved song.

“Sundays are new beginnings. So let’s begin something new. Introducing hawkappella, a Sunday(ish) a cappella song series,” Hawk captioned in her video. “I do not own the rights to these songs. There will be no rhyme or reason for choosing any given song on any given Sunday(ish). I may or may not ask for requests. I will most definitely sing a cappella! Here goes nothing! Beginning with ‘She Used To Be Mine’ from the musical Waitress, with special guest Selkie. Happy Sunday! #hawkappella #acappella.”

“Oh wow! Think we know your next gig after Blue Bloods!” wrote one fan impressed with Hawk’s singing. “Happy Sunday Abigail! I didn’t know you could sing? You sound really good!!” wrote another loving fan. “So good! This is one of my faves from that musical. Haven’t seen it yet, but I adore the movie,” wrote one fan of Hawk and her musical tribute.

Looking Ahead to the Next Season of ‘Blue Bloods’

Blue Bloods fans will be happy to know Hawk is on set alongside Bridget Moynahan, Tom Selleck, and Donnie Wahlberg filming the next anticipated season of the show. Hawk showed off a little look at the shoot on her Instagram showing she needed a little coffee break to build the energy back up for the next episodes.

“Baker says it’s caffeine o’clock,” Hawk captioned her post last week. It’s a small tease, but it’s enough to get fans excited as they wait patiently for the premiere of season 13.

Like many long-running TV series, the cast of Blue Bloods is tight-knit both on-screen and in real life. In an interview with TV Insider, Selleck praised all of his castmates who have now become his friends.

“I love them! They’re all good friends,” Selleck said. “You know, at the beginning of the show I think they imagined me out in the streets, commanding military type operations against the bad guys. That was not acceptable. I told them if Frank has to prove he’s the boss all the time, then you cast the wrong guy.”