‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Is ‘Looking Back on Better Days’ in New Beachside Selfie

by Joe Rutland

Actress Bridget Moynahan of Blue Bloods was out catching some rays on Wednesday and decided to share her look with her fans on Twitter. Moynahan plays Erin Reagan, the Assistant District Attorney, in the CBS police drama. This upcoming season will see Erin make a beeline for becoming District Attorney. Right now, though, those thoughts are just put on the backburner as Moynahan is relaxing and chillaxing under the bright, blue sky.

What are some fans saying after seeing this snap? One writes, “Looking gorgeous and refreshed!” We tend to agree that the break from work is a good one for Bridget to take. Another fan says, “You truly are absolutely stunning!!” This one asks some pointed questions here. A fan writes, “What lipstick are you wearing? Color and brand? Beautiful !” There you go. Just some comments from the Bridget fans taking note of the Blue Bloods star’s post.

Bridget Moynahan Of ‘Blue Bloods’ Comments On Show’s Audience Numbers

By the way, her swimsuit is made by Araks. The company’s Twitter bio states that “Araks is a New York-based designer Swimwear and Lingerie brand.” Recently, some numbers were released regarding her show’s massive audience. Blue Bloods follows the stories of the Reagan family, who predominantly are in the police force.

On Instagram, she shared an image of a graphic from Deadline. It looks at the 2021-22 broadcast season total viewers for different shows. It’s no surprise that NBC Sunday Night Football led the pack. Blue Bloods placed eighth on the list with 9,782,000 viewers. Moynahan writes, “Thank you @bluebloods_cbs family for tuning in every Friday night. Let’s do it again this fall! #bluebloods”.

Actress Gives Big Shoutout To Co-Star Steve Schirripa

Earlier this year, she gave a major-league shoutout to one of her co-stars. You see both of them hanging around in different scenes. Moynahan works well with actor Steve Schirripa, who plays Anthony Abetemarco. He’s helping Erin out with different cases and drops by her office more times than not. Well, when it comes to recognizing Schirripa, Moynahan would wear a shirt that says “Steve Is #1.”

Now, this actor is no stranger to other TV viewers. He was a guy on the HBO series The Sopranos where he played Bobby Baccalieri. These days, though, you can find him on CBS throughout the regular primetime TV season. Expect to see them work on cracking more cases next season.

Also, you can go ahead and expect to see Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, giving Erin advice. He does it pretty regularly. Frank even supported her decision to run for the DA office. Of course, he has to be careful as the NYPD commissioner to toe the line.