‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Reveals New Film Role

by Joe Rutland

Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan will be having more work on her plate than simply running for the Manhattan District Attorney role. Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan in the CBS drama, revealed on Sunday that she will have a part in a short movie titled Swipe NYC. Deadline indicates that Lisa Edelstein and Richard Schiff will be part of the cast along with Moynahan. Sue Zarco Kramer is listed as the director of this movie.

A synopsis indicates that Edelstein will play Syd, a newly divorced empty nester. She will be starting to get involved with online dating while in Brooklyn. With each “swipe,” Syd will reportedly have it serve as a metaphoric message. So, she will be working to put back together pieces of her life. As we said, Kramer will direct this short movie. She also will serve as a producer. Moynahan, Cheryl Bayer, and David Kelsey also will be producers. It’s our understanding that Heather Sederquist will be the executive producer. Katia Koziara will be a co-producer on this project.

Bridget Moynahan of ‘Blue Bloods’ Will Enter Production On Movie

We also take note that this project will enter production later in September. How will this affect Moynahan’s work on the drama? Probably not that much. She has a heavy load on her in Season 13 of Blue Bloods and will be needed there first. Still, she is currently filming some episodes right now and the first one pops up on Friday, October 7. Right now, her character is starting to get involved in election season. Erin covets that DA job. And she has served as Assistant District Attorney for a good stretch.

Moynahan has been a part of Blue Bloods since the show’s first season. Her work puts her on one side of the law enforcement equation. Of course, her family can almost fully put together a squad room by itself. Yet the family appears to be on her side. One time last season, we even saw Erin pull out an election poster from underneath the table mat at Dad’s home. She liked what she saw but would not commit at that time to an election run. Well, we know that her mind changed and she’s all in for the election now.

Meanwhile, her costar Steve Schirripa has been getting some birthday love this weekend. Schirripa plays Anthony Abetemarco, who works with Erin in the ADA office. Well, the actor, who some also know from his time on The Sopranos, turned 65 years old on Saturday. Moynahan joined the many who wished him well by sharing a picture of them on Instagram. They work well together on the show and will be seen yet again this season on the CBS show.