‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Shares Another Drop-Dead Gorgeous Photo

by Joe Rutland

Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan has been sharing a number of photos from a recent photoshoot and they are simply outstanding. Moynahan put up one more from her time with makeup artist and photographer Tina Turnbow. Turnbow is the founder of The Bare Magazine, which showed off Moynahan’s photos. This is another photo from that time with Turnbow and it’s pretty solid and gorgeous. See what you think when taking a look at her here.

Moynahan has been a model during some parts of her life. Seeing her pose for these photos and how she looks is reflective of those days. But this might be the final one that she’ll share for a bit. Right now, she’s busy starting work on Season 13 of the CBS police procedural. As you may know, this is going to be a busy season for Erin Reagan, played by Moynahan. She’s running and gunning for the Manhattan District Attorney job. And we hope that she gets it because it’ll add more drama to the great storylines.

Bridget Moynahan of ‘Blue Bloods’ Faces Election Season as Erin Reagan

But the show probably will take us through a season-long election process. You better believe her family will be watching what happens to her. Erin works hard as the assistant district attorney. She has some help thanks to Anthony Abetemarco, played by Steve Schirripa. But the big question might be around how Erin gets Anthony involved in the election. She’s going to have a lot of work on her hands as the assistant D.A.

How in the world will she balance everything so well? It’s going to be something worth watching. Her brother Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, probably will have a word or two about how she’s handling all of her responsibilities. Danny is a New York Police Department detective who has been known to drop by and see his sister at work. We don’t expect that to change in the least this season. Heck, Danny will drop by at least once because the interaction between him and Erin is always lively.

We don’t want to leave out some other Reagan family members here. Maybe it’s time to have Sami Gayle return as Nicky Reagan-Boyle. She’s been a little MIA here on Blue Bloods. With her mom looking to move on up, Nicky probably has a word or two to share with Erin. Gayle does work well on the show. But the most that people know about her these days is through her Instagram posts. Let’s bring her back for an episode or, heck, how about a storyline arc? That sounds good. Look for the first Season 13 episode titled “Keeping the Faith” to pop up this fall on CBS.