‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Poses With Fan Sporting Perfect Erin Reagan T-Shirt

by Joe Rutland

It’s election season on Blue Bloods and Donnie Wahlberg is all in for it, as you can tell from this Instagram post. It does come from the account of Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan. Yep, she’s running to become the Manhattan District Attorney. According to this post, Wahlberg is posing along with Brooke Stiles. Oh, there were some people chiming in on the comments section. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s just enjoy this view right here.

Moynahan even picked up a comment from her show’s Instagram account. They would write, “We also approve!” Another fan says, “That is so cool! Made me smile big time. Love your character in Blue Bloods, Bridget! Amazing job.” We agree that she does a great job playing Erin on there. It’s going to be a storyline that looks like it might wind through all season long. And it appears Moynahan is all in for seeing Erin’s election season officially get underway.

Danny Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’ Will Have His Hands Full In Season 13

But fans will have to wait until October 7 for the first episode of Season 13. That might set everything up for an entire election season. Wahlberg, though, is going to have his hands full as Danny Reagan, a detective with the New York Police Department. Oh, he’s also Erin’s brother, as she notes in the post with the photo.

Besides his usual work, Danny might be keeping his eye on partner Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez. Baez enters this new season as a mother. No, Baez and Danny are not an item, and we don’t see that happening at all. But he does care about his NYPD fellow detective, and he’s also a parent, too. Might we see Danny drop some parenting tips along the way? He’s never shy about sharing his opinions. Just ask Erin about that one.

That first episode. Man, fans cannot wait for Blue Bloods to come on back with new ones. Speaking of the first one, we do know that it is titled “Keeping the Faith.” Other than that, well, there’s been no news or synopsis shared at this time. Yet to not address Erin’s election or Baez’s motherhood right out the gate would be a bit silly. Fans are already wearing those “Elect Erin Reagan” T-shirts. We also, of course, will be keeping an eye on what happens with Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck. Being commissioner of the NYPD really is a full-time job and keeps Frank busy with worries and concerns. But he will be watching his daughter Erin very closely, too. She also has her job as the assistant district attorney to keep her busy as well.