‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Shouts Out Young Fan in Incredibly Wholesome Post

by Joe Rutland

Leave it to Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg to provide some wholesome commentary on a truly wholesome post. One of his fans is named Lucas and, well, you can see the story below about his amazing young man. Yet it’s also Wahlberg’s wonderful tweet that we’d like to steer your eyes toward. He recognizes that Lucas is loving on a New Kids on the Block song. That’s Donnie’s group in case you didn’t know.

Yes, he’s a multi-talented actor and musician. But our Saturday just received a big boost of goodness with this content. Like some people might say, this is the type of content that we like to find online and share with you. We will talk a little about Blue Bloods below this tweet but take time to read both posts. And, for goodness sakes, watch Lucas in his class talent show perform Thankful.

Fans were filling up the comments section with warm wishes toward the young man. They also were adding that they were shedding tears of joy and happiness, too. With Wahlberg sharing this video, it has a chance to be seen by all of his followers on social media. That’s a big number, by the way. We would not be surprised if Lucas becomes a viral sensation online. The young man would be a worthy recipient of such an honor, indeed.

Donnie Wahlberg of ‘Blue Bloods’ Will Be Busy In Season 13

Well, we said that we’d talk little Blue Bloods so let’s get to it. As you know, Wahlberg plays Detective Danny Reagan in the CBS police drama. As for what’s going down in Season 13 for him, well, he’s going that his hands full. First up is his partner Maria Baez, played wonderfully by Marisa Ramirez. Baez is now a mother and will be staying busy not only with work but being a parent.

She happens to be Danny’s partner out on the mean streets of New York City. They both work for the New York Police Department, which is overseen by Danny’s father Frank Reagan, palyed by Tom Selleck. What might we expect from Danny around Baez being a parent? He has some experience in the field right there. Danny has been a single parent for a few years after Linda’s death. So he’s had to balance both work and home priorities in his own life. Might he offer some suggestions to Baez? Just stop him from doing so. Danny has a caring side to him, of course. But he also can be rather quick with a quip. Secondly, Danny will be keeping his eyes on his sister Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan, as she runs for a new job.