‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Celebrates Her ‘Dad’s Second Heavenly Birthday’ in Touching Post

by Shelby Scott

Father’s Day is this month, but sadly, “Blue Bloods” star Marisa Ramirez won’t be able to celebrate with her dad by her side. In a touching post, the Maria Baez actress shared she and her family celebrated her father’s second heavenly birthday while attending a Dodgers game with her family.

“So yesterday we celebrated my Dad’s second heavenly birthday at the [Dodgers] game,” the “Blue Bloods” star began her post. “I tried to hold it together as I have so many fond memories of going to games with him.”

Some of her favorite baseball game rituals to share with her dad included watching fireworks over the field, eating hotdogs, and watching him catch moths with his bare hands.

“He used to play in Chavez Ravine as a kid before the stadium was built so it was always a special place for him,” she revealed.

On a lighter note, she said, “Wish I could’ve thrown out the first pitch! Someday… Missing him every day.”

“Blue Bloods” fans took to the comments to share their love for the actress and sympathy for her loss. In a meaningful comment, Ramirez’s “Blue Bloods” costar Donnie Wahlberg said, “Beautiful memories. He is surely looking down with the biggest, proudest, smile today!”

Afterward, one of the star’s followers wrote, “Hugs!!! It’s okay to cry,” while another said, “What a great way to celebrate him !! It’s ok to lose it too. Happy Heavenly Birthday to your Dad!”

Marisa Baez Says She Can Let Her Guard Down on ‘Blue Bloods’ Set

While “Blue Bloods” definitely qualifies as a police drama, it also very much revolves around family, with the Reagans, not to mention their weekly Sunday dinners, at the center of every story. However, after a complete 12 seasons on CBS, fans quickly learned the cast of “Blue Bloods” are as much a family as the onscreen family themselves.

Marisa Ramirez joined the “Blue Bloods” family in the midst of season three and, after establishing a strong relationship with Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan, she’s become a crucial member of the Reagan family. Now, nine seasons into her role on the show, she revealed last year that she feels as though she can let her guard down while on the TV series’ set.

“Donnie was so welcoming,” the Baez actress said of her costar. She continued, “You hear so many horror stories about actors who worked together so long, and they secretly hate each other. And we just love each other.”

In speaking to “Blue Bloods'” cast and crew, and Donnie Wahlberg specifically, she added, “I feel like I keep my guard up with other actors, or crew, or whoever, and this is a place where I can let it down…it feels very safe and comfortable.”