‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa Enjoys Time On Beach With Dog Willie Boy

by Joe Rutland

Besides being one heck of an actor, Blue Bloods star Steve Schirripa is known for loving his adorable dog Willie Boy. In fact, you will see both of them share screen time on his own Instagram account. That would be Steve’s account. He hasn’t done one yet for Willie Boy as far as we know. In this recent clip, Schirripa, who plays Anthony Abetemarco on the CBS drama, chats it up with his pooch. He mentions him and Wilie Boy listening to a classic soulful song that brings back plenty of memories for people. Take a few seconds and check this video out from him on Long Beach Island.

You better believe fans of these two were filling up the comments thread. Who doesn’t love seeing a dachshund hanging out with a star of The Sopranos, too? One writes, “You guys are so wholesome”. Another one states, “Hooray to you and Your Adorable Pooch”. We do agree that old Willie Boy is quite adorable. People might be led to look more at Steve’s dog than himself in some of his photos and videos. Still, he probably would not mind as Schirripa shares this screen time with his cute dog.

Steve Schirripa of ‘Blue Bloods’ Will Be Busy Next Season In Abetemarco Role

Meanwhile, if you know anything about Blue Bloods, then you know Abetemarco works alongside Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. And he’s going to have his hands full next season. OK, right now Erin is the assistant district attorney on the show. But she has set her sights on the bigger, more important district attorney position. This will increase not only the pressure on her but on Anthony, too. How will they coexist during this period of time? That will definitely be one storyline worth watching on Blue Bloods next season.

Of course, Schirripa did spend time on The Sopranos on HBO playing opposite James Gandolfini. When he’s not busy working on Blue Bloods, Schirripa has been part of a fun podcast looking back at the series. He did it with fellow Sopranos costar Michael Imperioli, but the podcast ended in December 2021.

One time, the actor had a chance to work alongside Clint Eastwood. Talk about some heavyweight actors this guy works with and that includes Tom Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. Schirripa talked about what it was like to work with Eastwood. “I was up for a bigger role in (Jersey Boys), but I didn’t get it,” he said in an interview. “And he gave me this (small role), and it was only about four or five lines, but I was happy to do it.”