‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa Recaps ‘Great Vacation With The Family’: PHOTOS

by Joe Rutland

Blue Bloods star Steve Schirripa has been keeping his social media followers informed and up to date about his vacation. Well, all good things must come to an end. Schirripa offered up a recap of his vacation time with his family. As you can tell, he was having a good time…and so was Willie Boy, his dog. It’s about time for him to get back to work anyway. Season 13 of the CBS TV drama will be popping up this fall. It will be a busy one for his character, Anthony Abetemarco. We’ll mention that a little more in a minute. Right now, though, let’s feast our eyes on all the good times Schirripa had on his vacation.

And yes, his fans were also loving these photos, too. One writes, “Willie Boy is an absolutely [spl absolute] mess!!!  Have a great weekend!” Another one says, “Just those pizzas alone wudda made it great for me!!! Glad you and the family had fun Steve”. You have to see those pizza photos for yourself that he shared with us all.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa Has Social Media Account For His Dog

As you can tell, Willie Boy was looking to get in on the food action with his daddy. Schirripa loves hanging out with his dachshund and will find a way to get him in his pictures. By the way, Willie Boy has his own Instagram account at @willietheweenieofwallstreet. No, we’re not kidding and it’s not a prank account, either. Hey, this pooch isn’t verified on Instagram but he does have the love and respect of his owner.

Let’s get to some Blue Bloods news right there. Schirripa’s character Anthony works closely with Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. If you follow the show, you realize that Erin is running for the district attorney job. Right now, she’s been filling the assistant DA position. When it comes to working on some cases, then Anthony is someone Erin counts on to help her. It might get a lot busier for Abetemarco during election season. Who knows what he might be asked to do in his position. This will be a pivotal season on the show and we’ll watch Abetemarco closely.

Meanwhile, other fans of Schirripa’s work know that he played Bobby Baccalieri in the HBO series The Sopranos. His beloved costar Tony Sirico, who played Paulie Walnuts on there, recently died. Schirripa headed over to Instagram and shared a sweet photo of them together. It happened to be of Schirripa and Sirico sitting behind Sesame Street stars Bert and Ernie. It’s a touching tribute to Sirico. Schirripa will never forget his buddy and close friend. But the actor will now turn his attention to Blue Bloods and its premiere episode.