‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Describes Frank Reagan as a ‘Man Alone’

by Joe Rutland

Anyone who watches Blue Bloods knows Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is dedicated to his job as NYPD commissioner. Some fans, though, wonder about Frank’s romantic life. It’s been a topic on their minds since Season 1. Frank is pretty focused on handling his duties for the city of New York. He’s also dedicated to his family as that comes across week after week. But what about his love life?

“He’s devoted to what he does on the job and to his kids, but he’s kind of a man alone,” Selleck said in an interview with TV Insider. “I am happy people want that, though. Frank is human; he hasn’t been completely chaste since he lost his wife.” At times, he might truly feel like a man alone with his thoughts and decisions.

Frank Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’ Knows Job Carries A Heavy Load With It

Being commissioner of a big-city police department is no laughing matter. Frank might get a chuckle from someone in his inner circle, like from Abigail Baker, played by Abigail Hawk. But he does know that the job carries a heavy load with it. After all, Frank can talk about things with his father Henry, played by Len Cariou. You see them get together on some matters and talk it out. Usually, this happens after everyone has left the house and they can share a stiff drink.

But Frank, who is a widower, probably longs for love at times. He’s just staying on point with his job. And that’s a priority to him right now. Of course, he also cares about his family. Frank will be watching this coming season as daughter Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan, runs for district attorney. He will support her but has to make sure that his job duties don’t run over into problems for Erin.

With him going about life in a “man alone” mindset, things will sometimes get tough. You’ve seen it when squabbles break out at the Reagan dinner table. Frank will be the man of reason at that moment. Yet who will side with him? It appears that Frank offers wise words to confront an argument head-on. He’s willing to stick his neck out at home for the sake of peace at the table. The character of Frank Reagan has gotten deeper over the seasons. Fans look forward to seeing what else might go on in his world. Obviously, they’d like to see some romance kick up here. But Selleck pretty much holds fast to the story that his character is a man unto himself. Look for more job- and family-related issues to crop up before the love bug bites him anytime soon.