‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Gives Major Shoutout to Costars: ‘We’re a Family’

by Shelby Scott

While “Blue Bloods” falls under the category of police procedural, one of the core values of the series is family. For 12 complete seasons, Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, and Bridget Moynahan have represented the Reagan family. And while they’ve often clashed, they’re just as equipped at maintaining strong familial dynamics. However, now, in the hiatus ahead of “Blue Bloods” 13th season, series patriarch Tom Selleck shares a major shoutout with his costars, emphasizing “We’re a family.”

Amid the excitement of the season 12 finale, Express reports the “Blue Bloods” star made an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” While there, he spoke a lot about both the Reagan family and his offscreen chosen family.

In speaking with the pop singer, Selleck said, “I love our cast, we have a family of actors as well as a family of characters and we all catch up—Donnie and Bridget and Len and everybody.”

Regular families might get to see each other every day, whether they want to or not. However, Selleck shared the entirety of the “Blue Bloods” family only gets together once every eight days. Nevertheless, the Frank Reagan actor admitted, “it’s funny, sometimes I’ll see my work family more than I see my real family…because you know, you’re working a lot.”

Hopefully, then, Tom Selleck gets to spend a little more time with his real family this summer. “Blue Bloods” will be on hiatus until its season 13 premiere this fall.

Tom Selleck Says ‘So Far, So Good’ Regarding His Future on ‘Blue Bloods’

“Blue Bloods” fans can hardly imagine the hit police procedural without its patriarchal character Frank Reagan. So at the end of each season, fans become anxious wondering whether Tom Selleck will commit to another installment. However, as far as season 13 goes, fans of the series have no reason to worry.

While on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Tom Selleck also spoke to his future in “Blue Bloods.” And of his dynamic, all-important role, he said, “I love what I do. I want to keep doing it. So far, so good.”

For Selleck, however, gaining such a high profile role on the CBS hit series was almost a fluke. Before he became Frank Reagan, Selleck starred in the American TV series “Magnum PI” as Thomas Magnum. In comparing that role to “Blue Bloods,” he said, “you can’t get lucky twice.”

Well, actually, you can if you’re Tom Selleck. Further, in surpassing “Blue Bloods'” 250th episode, the Frank Reagan actor said, “It was a really lovely little celebration.”

Now, at more than 250 episodes in total, it’ll be interesting to see where the 13th season of “Blue Bloods” takes us and how the Frank/Erin Reagan dynamic develops from here.