‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Gives Three Reasons for Series’ Success

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods has been thrilling fans for over a decade now. And, even twelve seasons in, the hit CBS television drama series continues to pull fans in to catch new episodes each week. This success, according to Blue Bloods star and longtime actor Tom Selleck, is largely due to three specific elements.

“Great actors, and great characters, and good writing,” Tom Selleck tells Rachael Ray in a recent interview about what helps the series find the enormous success.

“That’s why it’s still on,” Selleck adds of the show. “I’m sure not bored with it!”

Blue Bloods Brings Its Audience A Unique Look At the Series With A Focus On Character-Driven Plotlines

During his conversation with Rachael Ray, Tom Selleck discusses what it is about the great actors, the great characters, and the excellent writing that keeps pulling fans in to catch up with the Blue Bloods family each season. And, Selleck notes, it all comes down to the show’s character-driven plotlines.

The actor adds that it is the character-driven shows that have always drawn him in. Both personally and professionally.

Magnum was a character-driven show,” Tom Selleck says of his hit 1980s detective series.

“I don’t remember half the plots,” the actor quips, adding with a chuckle that it’s probably even “way less than half.” And, it is this ingredient that drew him to Blue Bloods from the start.

“When I saw this script it was character-driven,” Tom Selleck remembers of the Blue Bloods pilot.

“In an age where there’s just so many procedurals on,” Selleck adds, noting that it’s the continuing, personal storylines that pull fans into the series each week.

Tom Selleck May Like His Drama Roles To Be Character-Driven, But It’s The Western Genre That Really Has the Actor’s Heart

Over the years, Tom Selleck has hit upon pretty much any role an actor may like to try out. From the ladies-man detective in Magnum P.I. to the playboy who can’t say no to an infant who steals his heart in Three Men and a Baby, to his most recent role as Reagan family Patriarch and New York City Police Commissioner in Blue Bloods, the actor has done it all.

However, it’s the western films that truly have the actor’s heart. In fact, Selleck has gone on record with The Spokesman-Review, stating that “all actors want to make Westerns. ”

“They grew up on them,” Selleck explains. “And they don’t make enough of them.”

Selleck goes on to note that he feels this particular film genre is one that can help shape children in their early years. All while having a blast, watching a fun flick.

“I think they’re good for kids,” says Selleck.

“Especially when they’re in the classic mode,” the actor adds of western movies. “They should involve a moral dilemma.”