‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Reveals Secrets Behind Filming Eight Hour Reagan Family Dinner Scenes

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the hit CBS police procedural drama Blue Bloods know well that the family element is a major part of the series. The series centers around the Reagans, a New York City family whose members are all connected to the field of law enforcement within the Big Apple. The grandfather, Len Carious’s Henry Reagan served as the New York City Police Commissioner for many years. A role in which his son, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) has now stepped into.

Furthermore, Frank Reagan’s two living sons, Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan, and Will Estes’s Jamie Reagan each serve as officers for the New York City Police Department. Danny serves as a detective, and Jamie currently serves as a Sergeant for the department.

Frank’s late son, Joe Reagan, served as a decorated detective for the New York City Police Department. All of this means that Blue Bloods brings a strong family element, no doubt. And, this becomes abundantly clear during one regular feature in each one of the Blue Bloods episodes – the famous Reagan family dinners. And, notes Tom Selleck, these scenes may take a while to shoot; however, the bond the cast shares makes shooting the scenes just as fun as a regular family dinner.

Tom Selleck Describes Some Behind the Scenes Secrets Behind the Beloved Reagan Family Dinner Scenes On ‘Blue Bloods’

During a recent discussion with Kelly Clarkson on her popular daytime television talk show, Tom Selleck gets down to business, discussing the nuts and bolts behind filming these fan-favorite dinner scenes. When asked by Clarkson if the Blue Bloods cast has their own special dinners similar to the Reagan’s, Selleck quips that each one of the shoots filming the Reagan family dinners is really a Blue Bloods cast dinner at heart.

“We do real dinners for about eight hours,” Tom Selleck jokes, adding that while filming these scenes, the “food gets a little cold.” But, that’s all part of the job, the Blue Bloods star explains.

“In film work you kind of repeat what you do as the camera moves around,” Selleck tells Kelly Clarkson during his interview with the former American Idol.

“So whatever you choose to eat at the beginning you’re just going to have to re-eat it,” the longtime actor tells Clarkson.

“And re-eat it, and re-eat it,” Selleck jokes.

“I love our cast,” he adds. “We have a family of actors as well as a family of characters.

Selleck goes on to tell Clarkson that even though the cast is shooting a scene for their drama series, each time they sit down at the Reagan family supper table, the group of actors catch up with each other. Just as their on-screen characters do.

“We all catch up, Donnie, and Bridgette, Will, and Len, and everybody,” Tom Selleck says of his Blue Bloods castmates.

“About every eight days We see each other,” he explains.

“We have a good time, and it shows, I think,” the star adds.