‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Reveals First Look at Janko in Season 13

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods officially kicked off filming for its 13th season this week, and in celebration of that, many of our favorite series stars are taking to social media to give fans their first sneak peek at their beloved characters. Hopping on the preview train, longtime star Vanessa Ray took to her Instagram story to give us a long-awaited reintroduction to her character Eddie Janko.

In a post on Friday, the Eddie Janko actress shared a selfie featuring her in character with her official police uniform, radio, and belt.

“Janko’s got a fresh head of highlights and is ready for season 13!” the Blue Bloods star wrote.

Aside from some new highlights, what else does Eddie Janko have to offer Blue Bloods fans this season? When we left off back in May, the majority of our attention was on Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) as she makes the move to run for DA. Additionally, fans were left wondering whether Danny’s partner Baez would take on Mom status with the adoption of a newborn child.

So where does that leave Eddie? Well, as CarterMatt reminds us, she might have some major decisions of her own to make later this season in choosing between her current position as a patrol officer or moving to NYPD’s special victims unit.

Additionally, many fans have grown tired of seeing Eddie and her onscreen husband, Jamie Reagan, argue. As per the outlet, lately, it seems as though Blue Bloods writers haven’t figured out any additional, captivating storylines besides what we’ve been given so far. Hopefully, season 13 of the hit drama sees Eddie and Jamie in a more positive plotline.

Vanessa Ray’s Unique Challenge In Joining the ‘Blue Bloods’ Cast

Since joining the cast of Blue Bloods full-time in season four, Vanessa Ray’s Eddie Janko has become a crucial member of the show as well as of the fictional Reagan family. However, while adapting to life with an entire family of law enforcement officers might prove challenging from time to time, as fans have seen on multiple occasions, Eddie Janko’s actress had some challenges of her own when she first came to the series.

Of all the adjustment problems Vanessa Ray may have encountered upon joining Blue Bloods, here’s one we would never have imagined. One of the biggest issues the actress faced was finding the proper footwear to wear on the screen.

During a prior interview with Nerds of Color, the Blue Bloods star shared, “This sounds really dumb, but early on the physical stuff was really tricky. Because we couldn’t figure out the right shoes.” Overall, her footwear throughout the first few seasons.

“[During] the first season, I had these really weak, I used to call them my jazz shoes, because I’m like, ‘These don’t even have a [sole] on them. I’m running and I look like I’m tip-tapping,’ you know?”

Afterward, the wardrobe department put the Blue Bloods actress in a completely different pair of shoes: Dr. Martens.

Upon receiving her Dr. Martens, Ray shared, “Will [Estes],” who plays Jamie Reagan, “would always ‘You’re faster than I am. You’re so much faster than I am.’ But then I got those shoes and they slowed me down.”