‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Sends Message of Gratitude After Season 12 Finale Airs

by Shelby Scott

It’s official “Blue Bloods” fans. The CBS hit cop show concluded its 12th season with an intense finale on Friday and, following its airing, series star Vanessa Ray took to Instagram with a message of gratitude. She was she has to say below.

Sharing a combination of “Blue Bloods” screen grabs and behind-the-scenes photos, Vanessa Ray said, “Thankful for the many blessings season 12 has brought me. Love to our cast and crew. Thank you all for watching.”

While fans are disappointed there won’t be any more “Blue Bloods” Fridays for a few months, they nevertheless took to the comments to share their love and excitement with Vanessa Ray.

“You guys are so awesome! I can’t wait to watch season 13!” one fan wrote. Another of Ray’s followers commented, “I wish I could love this 1000 times!!! Keep making this one of the best shows on television!”

“Great finale,” one “Blue Bloods” fan concluded. “Sets up next season well.”

Tom Selleck Reveals Reality Behind ‘Blue Bloods’ Family Dinners

While “Blue Bloods” has officially concluded its 12th season, we can at least look forward to learning interesting facts about the show from stars like Vanessa Ray and Tom Selleck. Most recently, Tom Selleck made an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson” show, where he shared the realities of the Reagan family dinner scenes.

As delicious as these meals might look onscreen, the Frank Reagan actor revealed that eating those meals on set isn’t nearly as enjoyable as they appear.

In filming the famous Reagan family dinner scenes, Tom Selleck, Vanessa Ray, Donnie Wahlberg, and “Blue Bloods'” other stars are left eating the same meal for hours on end. While speaking with Kelly Clarkson, Selleck said, “We do real dinner for about eight hours,” and as such, he joked the “food gets a little cold.”

Additionally, because filming entails shooting the same scene until it’s perfect, the Frank Reagan actor explained, “you kind of repeat what you do as the camera moves around.” Meaning, “whatever you choose to eat at the beginning you’re just going to have to re-eat it.”

“And re-eat it, and re-eat it.”

Fortunately, however, Selleck shared the “Blue Bloods” cast all shares a close friendship. So even if eating the same food for hours on end might not be enjoyable, the company, at least, is. In filming for the procedural drama, Selleck shared that they, just like the show’s fictional characters, take time to chat.

“I love our cast,” he said. He explained, “We have a family of actors as well as a family of characters.”

Selleck further explained, “We all catch up, Donnie, and Bridgette, Will, and Len, and everybody…We have a good time, and it shows, I think.”