‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Was Left ‘Weeping’ After Reading This Episode’s Script

by Alex Falls

Vanessa Ray plays Eddie Janko on Blue Bloods. The show first premiered back in 2010 and recently wrapped up its 12th season. Ray joined in season four and became a starring role in season five. Eddie grew into an increasingly important character.

Eddie is married to the youngest Reagan, Jamie. Looked at as the family’s golden boy, Jamie eventually follows in his family’s footsteps and becomes a cop. Together, Eddie and Jamie provide much of the show’s emotional backdrop.

Recently, Ray sat down with The Nerds of Color to discuss her time playing Eddie on Blue Bloods. She had the chance to discuss some of her favorite storylines from her time on the show. She spoke at length about the impact the character has had on her own life. Ray views a major turning point for her character occurred at the end of season 10 when Eddie and her husband came across an unexpected discovery on the steps of the precinct.

Which Episode Made Vanessa Ray Weep?

“There was an episode, I think it was maybe last season or the season before, where I feel like Eddie kind of found a bit of her calling. Which was — I don’t know if you remember this episode, but they found a baby like in a bag,” Ray said. “That episode, I was reading it and I was weeping. But I feel like she really found her kind of calling in that she… This sounds silly to say but it’s like she helps the defenseless. The people that violence is being acted upon them and they can’t fight back.”

Ray is referring to the season 10 finale, “Family Secrets.” In the episode, Eddie and Jamie find a child left in front the precinct inside a duffle bag. They then have to track down the birth mother. Along the way, Eddie and Jamie reflect on the possibility of having their own child.

Ray noted the episode felt like a major shift for her character which has rippled into where we find her following the recent conclusion of season 12.

“I feel like that episode made a big shift and I feel like we’ve seen her over the last couple of seasons kind of build upon that,” Ray said. “Recently, there was [another] episode with a character who had been raped. And there was just a fire in her gut that was like, ‘Violence has been done to this person and I’m going to fight back as hard as I can to provide justice.’ I think she felt like she had something to prove early on. Now, it’s more just truly, trusting her gut and finding ways to stand up for people. But I loved that episode.”