‘Blue Bloods’: Steve Schirripa Sends Memorial Day Message to ‘Brave Women and Men Who Sacrificed Their Lives’

by Shelby Scott

We’re celebrating Memorial Day weekend and many of our favorite TV stars are too. And though we’re enjoying time spent outside with family, with good food and better drinks, we’re here to thank America’s service members who have offered the ultimate sacrifice. In honor of this special holiday, “Blue Bloods” star Steve Schirripa is taking a moment to thank U.S. soldiers in a new post.

Schirripa, who proudly shows off his adorable doxie by the water, kicks off his Memorial Day clip with, “Hello my friends, happy Memorial Day to everyone. Be safe out there.”

“Say ‘happy Memorial Day,'” the “Blue Bloods” star tells the sweet pup, shaking his teeny little paw.

“We love you guys, right Willie boy?” he asks the doxie.

More seriously though, he wrote in the caption, “We want to thank all of our brave women and men who sacrificed their lives while serving for The United States of America. Have a safe Memorial Day my friends.”

While we absolutely love Steve Schirripa in his role as Anthony Abetemarco, the actor himself is just as admirable, especially in expressing his love for our nation’s late veterans.

“Blue Bloods” fans took to the comments beneath Schirripa’s post to share Memorial Day wishes of their own.

“Love to you Steve absolutely!” one fan wrote. “Have a wonderful Memorial Day as we remember the men & women who were so brave…Can’t wait to see you on blue bloods again this fall.”

Steve Shirripa’s Initial Thoughts on His Role in ‘Blue Bloods’:

While Steve Schirripa has held a multitude of roles throughout his career, “Blue Bloods” is likely one of the most widely known roles. That said, the beloved actor previously shared his initial reaction to his role as Anthony Abetemarco in the cop drama.

During a 2016 interview, Schirripa said, “I think he’s a very smart guy. I think Anthony is a little unorthodox and I don’t think he cares so much about how he looks; he kind of beats to his own drum.”

And what better actor to convey that? Long before he starred in “Blue Bloods,” Steve Schirripa had a successful career, starring in the hit drama, “The Sopranos.”

Of his role on “Blue Bloods,” he continued, “He’s very loyal and I think that he’s very good at what he does. He’s a very good investigator.”

That said, there’s a stark contrast between Steve Schirripa’s character and many of the rest of the “Blue Bloods” characters. And it’s something the actor has definitely picked up on.

“Anthony comes from a different place,” he said during the interview, explaining the way his character differs from that of Erin Reagan, the show’s DA, who boasts a “strong family.”

In comparison, Schirripa said, “He comes from a very blue-collar family. He comes from Brooklyn. [He and Erin] get the job done together but they have two different points of view.”