‘Blue Bloods’: This Guest Actor Is Now a Bona Fide Movie Star

by Sean Griffin

Jessica Rothe has slowly ascended the Hollywood hierarchy. The actress played starring roles in Mary + Jane, Happy Death Day, and Utopia. She boasts 387K followers on Instagram.

However, before landing roles that vaulted her to more fame, she started out landing smaller parts. She once played the role of Sylvie Freedland in an episode of Blue Bloods called “Protest Too Much.”

The episode aired March 8, 2013 and reached 10.72 million US viewers. IMDB provides a description of the episode below.

“Amid protests over the NYPD’s new ‘stop, question and search’ policy, Erin and the entire Reagan family are targeted by a protest group’s photographer, who is publishing the photos to a website. When a rape victim that Erin is preparing for trial appears in some of the photos, Erin confronts the photographer. Danny and Detective Maria Baez investigate a young ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ type couple who rob a bank and steal an off-duty police officer’s gun in the process, but the intrusion of the FBI threatens their progress. Elsewhere, Frank considers getting romantically involved with an ACLU representative named Whitney, who is an acquaintance of Erin’s and close to Erin’s age.”

Jessica Rothe Also Guest Starred in ‘Chicago PD’.

In addition to Blue Bloods, Jessica Rothe also starred in an episode of Chicago PD called “If We Were Normal.”

In the episode, she plays a housewife. It followers her character, Madison, as she deals with her husband’s arrest and the aftermath. He is charged with kidnapping. Despite trying to portray an upbeat attitude, Madison shows clear signs of being a victim of domestic abuse.

Eventually, detectives Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) discover the truth. We find out that Madison had been kidnapped when she was younger. Forced to act as her kidnapper’s wife to mask the true situation, Madison spent years in suffering.

However, Rothe delivers an emotionally powerful performance. Her scenes with the detectives bring out an array of feelings. She tows the line between wanting to rescue herself and being afraid. Many viewers regard it as one of the best moments in Season 3.

Rothe holds some exciting new roles for future projects. She plays the character “June 27” in the upcoming action-thriller Boy Kills World.

The story follows Boy (Bill Skarsgard), a deaf-mute trained in the jungle by a curious mentor (Yayan Ruhian) after the murder of his family. Filming occurred in South Africa. Former football player Isaiah Mustafa, also seen in Old Spice commercials, stars in the upcoming film, as well.

In 2021, Jessica Rothe starred in the film Body Brokers. In the film, a drug addict soon discovers his treatment center serves as a coverup for a fraud operation that enlists addicts to recruit other addicts. Rothe plays the role of “May.”