‘Blue Bloods’ Trends on Twitter After Social Media Users Accuse Show of ‘Copaganda’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Blue Bloods” started trending on Twitter earlier today when one social media user put out a question that had everyone talking.

A Twitter user named Shaun posted the following question online, which soon gained tons of traction. “What work of fiction is the best example of ‘copaganda?'” Shaun wrote earlier today.

According to Wikipedia, copaganda (cop propaganda) is “a phenomenon described by critics of law enforcement in which news media and other social institutions promote celebratory portrayals of police officers with the intent of swaying public opinion for the benefit of police departments and law enforcement.”

Thousands of people took to the comments to call out various shows and films for perceived copaganda. “Blue Bloods” came up several times, especially in relation to a video that you can see linked below. Many fans also called out specific ways that they see “Blue Bloods” embody this phenomenon.

“Everyone else is wrong – It’s Blue Bloods. Every single episode depicts anyone who criticizes cops as a moron or worse. Every other police procedural can only dream of blatantly making a parallel between police and royalty, not to be questioned. The anti-Serpico,” one fan said in the comments.

Another fan wrote, “Modern(ish); Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Law & Order, 24, NCIS, Blue Bloods, NYPD Blue, Monk, Hawaii 5-0. Retro; Adam-12, The Rockford Files, The X-Files, Chips, McMillan & Wife, Starsky & Hutch, Columbo (unfortunately), Dragnet, T.J. Hooked, Silk Stalkings, Miami Vice, Andy Griffith show.”

What Other Shows Besides ‘Blue Bloods’ Were Accused of ‘Copaganda?’

Several of the shows listed above came up in many people’s comments. “Brooklynn Nine-Nine” especially was critiqued for presenting a “woke” and “progressive” slant despite still “idolizing” police. “Law & Order” and its spinoff shows also received a lot of flak. Even the kid’s show “Paw Patrol” and Disney movie “Zootopia” were addressed for their angle on police and law enforcement officials.

One fan called “Blue Bloods” the “most extreme” example out of all of them. Someone else emphasized that “Law & Order” and “Blue Bloods” both hold high spots when it comes to copaganda.

“Law and order and Blue Bloods have 100% slaughtered the competition and are currently in a battle that will last a lifetime,” this fan wrote. “People keep bringing up Brooklyn 99 and it absolutely doesn’t hold a candle to Law and Order or Blue Bloods.”

The fan continued, “Brooklyn 99 you like the cast DESPITE them being cops. L&O and BB are full-on Blue Lives Matter ‘We cops are the only thing that can save you’ copaganda.”

At this time, the “Blue Bloods” social media accounts have not commented on the thread or the notion of copaganda. Season 13 is currently in production and will air later this year in October. For more updates on Season 13, click here.