‘Blue Bloods’: Is Vanessa Ray Leaving the Show Ahead of Season 13?

by Taylor Cunningham

Fans of Blue Bloods are a little worried that Vanessa Ray is stepping away from the show.

The procedural’s Season 12 came to a close on May 6th. And the episode saw Ray’s Eddie Janko exposed during her undercover mission. After her assignment ended, the writers didn’t give her any sort of cliffhanger or story that could continue into the fall debut. And between that and her latest Instagram post, fans are wondering if she’s making an exit.

Right after the Blue Bloods finale concluded, Vanessa Ray dropped a series of set photos and videos and wished her crew and castmates farewell, which some thought was telling.

“Thankful for the many blessings season 12 has brought me,” she wrote. “Love to our cast and crew. Thank you all for watching #lucky13 here we come. #bluebloodscbs #seasonfinale @bluebloods_cbs.”

But despite the fact that Ray said goodbye, we’d say it’s unlikely that the actress is leaving her spot on the hit CBS drama. For one, she added, “#lucky 13 here we come” to the end of her caption, which seems pretty certain that she’ll be around for the season.

On top of that plug, Vanessa Ray has been a huge player in Blue Bloods since 2013. And though the series has abruptly killed off characters in the past—think Linda Reagan—it hasn’t made a habit out of it. So, if Eddie was going to leave the dinner table, the writers would probably give her a proper send-off.

Also, there are no conflicts that would take Ray away from filming in New York City. According to her IMDB page, Blue Bloods is her one and only commitment.

Vanessa Ray and Tom Selleck Happy To Spend Another Season on ‘Blue Bloods’

It also looks like Tom Selleck is happily along for the ride as well. But there was some talk of him leaving the series because he was growing tired of  “Hollywood Grind” in the past. And that had fans panicked.

According to Express, sources said that filming is taking “more and more” out of him every season. And retirement was on the horizon.

But after news broke that Blue Bloods would be around for another year, Selleck said he’s thrilled to continue with the show. 

“It’s a blessing! I love what I do and I want to keep doing it,” he shared.

And after celebrating the 250th episode, the Frank Reagan actor also spoke with Kelly Clarkson about his love of Blue Bloods.

After working on Magnum P.I. for eight years, Selleck never thought he’d end up on another long-running show. But he was pleasantly surprised when his current project surpassed his previous record. And now that Blue Bloods has lasted five longer, he’s elated.

“We did 163 hours of Magnum, and I thought ‘Well, okay, you can’t get that lucky twice,’” Selleck said.  “I want to keep doing it,” he added. “So far, so good.”