‘Blue Bloods’: What Storylines to Expect in Season 13

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods” kept many of its fans on their toes for several weeks last month when the series announced its season 13 renewal weeks after other CBS hit shows announced theirs. Nevertheless, we finally received confirmation that the Reagans would return for another installment of the show in the fall. That said, with this season’s finale wrapping on a less emotional, more open-ended note, we can expect a variety of news stories and drama with “Blue Bloods'” 13th season premieres.

According to CBR.com, “Blue Bloods” will feature a host of “big changes” both within and outside of the Reagan family this fall.

Foremost, “Blue Bloods” fans should expect to see Erin Reagan on the campaign trail for District Attorney. The season 12 finale saw the character sharing her decision to run with her family at their usual Sunday dinner. And despite that Erin and Frank have mostly overcome their professional differences, Erin’s campaign will likely introduce a whole new level of conflict in the next season.

Additionally, we’ll also follow Henry Reagan’s journey as he battles prostate cancer. The penultimate episode of “Blue Bloods'” 12th season saw the character receive his diagnosis. And while Frank and Erin might battle things out professionally, they’ll have to put aside their conflict to support Henry.

‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13 to Follow Dynamic Storyline Outside Reagan Family

A lot of season 12 has followed the usual “Blue Bloods” Reagan family drama. However, when season 13 premieres, fans can expect to follow a major plotline outside of the series’ central family.

The finale of season 12 saw Danny Reagan’s longtime partner Maria Baez adopt a newborn baby following an intense investigation. As we saw during the final episode, Danny was especially supportive of Baez’s decision. And although the partners, while close, have remained simply friends, we’re wondering whether the pair’s friendship could develop into something more.

As per the outlet, Danny immediately supported Baez’s decision to mother the child. In addition, the “Blue Bloods” detective has remained on his own since his wife Linda passed away a few seasons ago. Perhaps, with that in mind, we’ll get to see a new side of both Danny and Baez.

Is Vanessa Ray Saying Goodbye to the Reagans?

While we can expect season 13 of “Blue Bloods” to follow several of the series’ original cast members through all-new plotlines, fans have another important question. Is Vanessa Ray saying goodbye to Eddie Janko and leaving the CBS show?

Season 12 concluded May 6th, with several characters facing cliffhanger endings or enduring stories. However, interestingly, Eddie Janko saw neither. Instead, season 12 of “Blue Bloods” concluded after Ray’s character became exposed during an undercover mission.

Additionally, following the broadcast of the “Blue Bloods” finale, the actress shared a meaningful post thanking both the cast and crew for their hard work, and sharing well-wishes.

So, what’s next for Eddie Janko? I suppose we’ll just have to wait until “Blue Bloods” returns for season 13 to find out.