‘Blue Bloods’: When to Expect Updates for Upcoming Season 13

by Megan Molseed

The wildly popular CBS TV drama series, Blue Bloods brought us some exciting events in the show’s 12th season. And now, we are eagerly anticipating the police procedural’s 13th season headed to the airwaves later this fall.

Sure, we wish that we could return to brand new episodes of Blue Bloods on CBS. However, network TV watchers know well that this is certainly inevitable as the summer re-run season is upon us. Furthermore, production for the popular drama’s upcoming season hasn’t even started yet.

So, it may still be quite a while before we get even a hint about what we can expect in the upcoming new episodes. But, we can still have hope! Especially after Blue Bloods showrunners gave fans a major sneak peek last season. This, of course, came as the title for the 12th season premiere as early as July last year. Hopefully, the Blue Bloods creators and producers plan on doing this again!

What Major Storylines Might The Blue Bloods Players Be Facing As The Hit Show’s 13ths Season Hits Airwaves Later This Year?

Blue Bloods fans know well that each episode focuses largely on the events within that particular hour. Sure, the larger plot of the series follows the members of the Reagan family; all of whom serve a role within the New York City legal system.

However, the storylines on Blue Bloods often involve the long-term storyline plots that we may see in some dramas. There are a few, exceptions to this, of course. And fans can expect a few of these exceptions to bring some big changes for some of our favorite characters in the upcoming season.

First, Detective Maria Baez, who is portrayed by Marisa Ramirez, is looking to expand her family via adoption. This is a big change in the detective’s life, no doubt. But it could also mean some big changes for one Reagan family member.

Baez has long been partners with Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan. The two have a very close bond, and Danny would no doubt be supportive of this move. However, Baez’s availability on the job is likely to change drastically, should the detective become an adoptive mother.

Another big change Blue Bloods fans can expect to see as season 13 prepares to hit the airwaves later this fall, is the position of New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) daughter, Erin Reagan. Currently, Erin Reagan is serving as the New York City Assistant District Attorney. However, she has started to explore aspirations of moving into the District Attorney role in the future.

Could Blue Bloods fans see a cut-throat political race this fall, as Erin (Bridgette Moynahan) vies for this role? Or, will she decide to hold off another few years once the series comes back in the fall. It seems like forever until we find out. However, fall premieres will be here before we know it!