‘Blue Bloods’: Why Fans Have Issues With Early Series Danny Reagan

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to interesting characters on Blue Bloods, one that comes to mind is Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg. He’s a detective in the New York Police Department and is quite serious about his work. One thing fans have noticed over the show’s 12 seasons so far is his attitude. Danny is a solid cop through and through but he can get caught up in his work. At times, it has led him to show characteristics that are not beloved by viewers.

One of these has to do with his quick temper and anger. It was something on display throughout the TV show’s early seasons. While Danny has mellowed out a bit, there are still some fans who are catching up on the series. They see Danny’s anger and it stands out while he’s at work and even with family sometimes, too.

A thread on Reddit gets right down to the nitty-gritty of Danny’s anger issues. One fan writes, “I hope I don’t offend anyone by asking this, but I think Danny’s anger issues are quite annoying. He doesn’t get ANY consequences for behaving the way he does and it’s happening more and more frequently. So does the show ever acknowledge it? Does he get consequences? Does he change?” All good questions from someone just getting an early series look at Danny Reagan, who is a son of Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck.

Fan Points Out Character Development For ‘Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan

Another fan replies, “He does have some major character development as the seasons progress”. That’s definitely true. Danny does mature as the show goes on into later seasons. Yet Danny has a reason for his temper tantrums. He lost his wife Linda, played by Amy Carlson, in a helicopter crash. That led him to be a single parent to his boys.

This fan points out that the show will address Danny’s attitude issues throughout the seasons. “It’ll be addressed throughout the seasons, and you will come to find out some of the reasons for it,” this Redditor writes. “Not that it excuses it, but it does explain it. Only some of the reasons.” When it comes to playing Danny Reagan, the actor has his own thoughts about it. “I would not have been ready to play him 10 years ago, maybe eight years ago,” Wahlberg said in a cast interview for The 92nd Street Y. “But when this part came along, I was ready to trust what was on the paper and risk the audience not liking me for the better of the show. And as it turns out, people understand the character more than I ever knew.”