‘Blue Bloods’: Why Fans Felt Let Down by Jimmy Buffett’s Appearance

by Taylor Cunningham

When singer Jimmy Buffett joined the cast of Blue Bloods this season, fans had very mixed opinions about his storyline.

In the episode titled On the Arm, the Margaritaville singer played two characters—himself and a con artist who looked like him.

Buffett’s first appearance is as the con named Dickey Delaney. While dining out in New York, Danny spotted the doppelganger and offered to pay for his meal. Delaney gladly let the detective think he was the famous singer to score some free food and thanked him for the gesture.

But Danny soon realized that Dickey Delaney was an imposter who had been tricking other star-struck fans into paying for meals or handing over cash. So he set out to bring him down. And at the end, his good work ended up landing him a meet-and-greet with the real Jimmy Buffett.

In a quirky scene, both the singer and the con artist talked to Dan Reagan. It turned out that Buffett knew about Delaney’s hijinks, and he was fine with them until Delany pulled his scam on the officer. Before the lookalikes left, they gave each other a hug, and everyone was happy again.

The whole Jimmy Buffett plot had a light and silly vibe for the more serious Blue Bloods though. And some fans were disappointed with how the writers worked the singer into the plot.

People Thought Jimmy Buffett Deserved a Better Plot

After the installment dropped, people took to the internet to stress their displeasure with the story. Many of them felt like the series wrote Buffett in just for the sake of attaching his name to the show. And they thought it could have done a better job thinking of a way to showcase the star.

“The Jimmy Buffett appearance was totally wasted on the weak storyline and huge plot holes,” u/kashell2000 wrote on Reddit.

While some fans were generally just disappointed in the Buffett episode, some went as far as saying that the poor writing wasn’t just a one-time thing.

Blue Bloods has gone on too long,” laramie66 scorned. “I don’t usually, but I stayed just to see why Jimmy Buffet needed the money. How sad for all involved. But hey, the cast is laughing all the way to the bank.”

Some ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Were Delighted By Jimmy Buffett’s Light-Hearted Episode

On the flip side, some Blue Bloods fans were happy to see the show tone down the drama for once. The procedural is notorious for being intense, and people apparently liked that the writers gave the Reagans a break for once.

“Such [an] unusually refreshingly unique episode,” Top_Dawg_Critic wrote on IMDb

Blue Bloods very rarely cuts loose and does something for fun,” added melissacravensmarketing. “While the show is rarely wholly grim, it is just as rarely outright fun. The last time the writers did something for kicks was the Bullitt Mustang way back in season six. This time it’s Jimmy Buffet and Jimmy Buffet’s doppelgänger both played by the genuine article.

In all, the Blue Bloods episode scored a 7.8 on IMDb, which is a pretty solid number. But the griping reviews prove that no matter what, you can’t please everybody, not even with an icon like Jimmy Buffett.