‘Blue Bloods’: Why Fans Want to See Way More of This Smaller Character

by Taylor Cunningham

Out of the dozens of supporting characters who have made an impression on Blue Bloods fans, there is one who nearly every fan wants to see play a bigger part in the story—Abigail Baker.

With 12 years’ worth of episodes in the bag, the series has seen quite a few characters come in and out of the plot. Some, like Jimmy Buffet, have only stuck around for a single installment. And others have had a character arc before exiting for good.

There are also the characters that are constants in Blue Bloods but still play second string to the Reagan family. And apparently one of those people has been a resounding fan favorite for years, and no one really knew—until now.

Last year, a Redditor posted a poll that asked users “which side character should get more screen time.” And there was absolutely no question that the winner was Abigail.

She came in with nearly 45% of the votes. Second to her was Anthony Demarco with only 21%. Then, in order, came Maria Baez, Rachel Witten, Sid Gormley, and Garrett Moore. Poor Garret only earned a measly 6 votes.

Abigail has appeared in nearly all of the Blue Bloods to date. Since joining in the pilot episode, she starred in 226 of the 255 installments. And while she’s technically not a lead, she’s had pleanty of time to earn the audience’s respect.

The character is a NYPD detective who is one the people in Commissioner Frank Reagan’s inner circle that he trusts most. In her job, she heads his security detail and prepares his schedule. She’s also the middle man between Frank and the rest of the legal world.

Thanks to her close connection with Frank, she’s been involved in plenty of the police and family drama. So fans have seen her in action often. But apparently, they haven’t seen her enough.

Some ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Don’t Understand Abigail’s Popularity

On the flip side, however, some people don’t understand why Abigail Baker has so many loyal fans. But interestingly, the people wondering admittedly love her, too.

A month after the above poll published, another user started a thread that questioned the results.

“Don’t get me wrong, Baker is my favorite character and probably the only reason I’m still watching the show. Still, that’s kind of weird, isn’t it?” they wrote. “Baker has had all of an hour of screentime throughout 11 seasons of the show, but she is ridiculously popular.”

Some users were quick to explain the reasoning though. And brassaiblue summed it all up perfectly.

“She’s loyal but speaks her mind. She’s not afraid to stand up to anyone, even Reagan’s,” they wrote. “Also she is a real good cop. Very tough.”